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Freedom to interpret my religion.

What is the use of religion, if it does not allow the freedome to it's followers to interpret the meaning presented in ancient texts through their own reasoning.

Most of the religions are silos, may be even prisons, where there are guardians ensuring that no one wanders around the walls of the prison. And these walls are the dogmas and theories described centuries ago, if not millenium by people long extinct.

Most of these ancient texts in every religion are guiding books of "How to live your life", it is amazing that there is so much of wisdom is available everywhere around us, but still there is so much of mayhem.

The biggest reason for the same is that, people soon get disgruntled over what is written and what is being taught, because above all there are no questions allowed.

It is like, take it and take it. In fact there is no option to leave it also. Being born into a religion, it is highly improbable that one switches to another religion, without causing utmost bittern…