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Toothpaste.Coffee: Challenge Number One

Challenge: Combine toothpaste and coffee in a unique way.

Response: The issue with brushing the teeth is, it is considered a drudgery. There has been thousands of variety toothpastes created in order to drive people to brush teeth, at least once a day.
How about one more different variety of toothpaste?
A toothpaste, with which when teeth is brushed, over a period of time within the same brushing session, it releases slow doses of caffiene. More you brush, more the caffiene releases. So, if someone gulps the toothpaste or just eats it, there is no effect.

This would motivate people to brush their teeth for a longer duration, and gingerly.

After they finish their brushing ritual, they are not really craving for a cup of coffee badly and can slowly (again) make themselves a real nice cup of coffee, insteas of hurying like always.

What do we call it?

"Gingerly", because it makes your morning rituals gingerly.