Is this the reason behind movement of Mr.Jayant Sinha from Finance to Civil Aviation ministry?

The movement of highly accomplished Mr.Jayant Sinha from Ministry of Finance to Ministry of Civil Aviation has baffled everyone, including the author.

There was no reason provided for the movement, let any valid one. Probably this is too much too ask for in a democracy where moving the ministers is the prerogative of the PM and probably his cronies.

So what happened with Mr.Jayant Sinha? Why was he moved?

If you are inquisitive, with a bit of legwork, dot can be connected, between two events.
a) Denial of the second term to Mr.Raghuram Rajan and b) Movement of Mr.Jayant Sinha to Ministry of Civil Aviation.

But what could be the link between the two?

Please read this excerpt from the Page 7 of a speech delivered by Mr.Raghuram Rajan in 2008.

The speech is titled "Is there a threat of Oligarchy in India?"
To quote Mr.Rajan: "To see where, let me digress a little. My former classmate from IIT, Jayant Sinha, recently sent me a spreadsheet he had compiled. It lists the number of billionaires per trillion dollars of GDP for the major countries of the world. Guess which country tops the list?"

The link to the document is: here
When Mr.Rajan was not needed, it would have been not safe to have any of its ideologies, having even a faint shadow on the policies of Finance Ministry.

An old and very accomplished classmate of Mr.Rajan, in Finance Ministry after his departure, was not a risk that the government warranted?


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