Kolkata Bridge Collapse - Who approved the design?

There has been several images of the Kolkata Bridge collapse, to be specific the name of the bridge is Vivekananda Bridge and the portion of it which collapsed was near the Ganesh Talkies.

There has been one interview of a nearby resident on a news channel, which I watched online some where, it was horrific to see that the bridge running almost over the balcony of the house of the resident.

The new flyovers which have come across in last decade or so, run very near to the existing houses in almost all places, but this is like holy grail of "how to build a flyover close to a house".

I just can't even imagine the trauma of the resident, first the construction activity and then seeing the flyover so close to your house, that you can even touch it?

Who approved such atrocious design and why?

The builder definitely cannot explain the blame, but can the municipal corporation of Kolkata escape the blame?

How it would have been, if a few engineers and officials of the municipal corporation were asked to stay in such houses for a couple of months?

There should be a thorough enquiry behind the approval of the flyover design, of all.


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