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Jeete Hain Chal...

The dots connect and eventually, it leads to some or other kind of discovery ultimately.

Usually the discovery is regarding self, rather self-realisation. It could be also about something, which you never knew and somehow the universe conspires you to discover that.

With a string of events, the discovery unfolds...

A few days back, I briefly watched the trailer of the movie "Neerja". And in that short trailer, the song "Jeete Hain Chal" was playing in the background. There was thins thing in the song, which immediately hooked me on to it. {Its playing right now, on loop}

Deprived of a working internet connection, I decided to check the song, once I am back to civilisation.

While returning back to my abode, in the flight, I saw the air-hostess wearing a badge on their arms, proclaiming "I am Neerja". Suddenly I was reminded of my resolve to check the song, and the first thing in the morning I did was to complete the resolve.

The beginning of the song is so calm …