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Have you ever seen a Politician driving a 40 year old vehicle?

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Canvas, yeah !!!

When I was in school, Saturdays were special, because on Saturday, we could wear the white canvas shoes, as the uniform was white.

The entire feeling was liberating to say the least.

There was a spring in the feet, it was almost like you are walking on thin air.

It was like one's feet has been un-shackled after a long time.

If it would have been allowed, I would have been sprinting all across the day, in the new found freedom.

There were days, when just for the sake of change and to experience that liberating freedom, I used to wear the white canvas shoes, with the navy blue uniform of Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School), but then those were very easy to spot, along with the combination and there would come punishment in its myriad form.

But it was kind of cool, it was a good trade-off, once-in-a-while, to wear the white canvas shoes against the punishment.

If the punishments did not go harsher, I would have wore canvas shoes, every single day of my life.

Needless to say, I used …