Time that Shiv Sena falls in line toed by BJP...

Mr. Amit Shah's visit to Bombay (Mumbai) on 4th September  and not opting to meet their long-time ally and the largest partner in the current Parliament, Shiv Sena is a clear signal by the Top Gun about BJP's inclination and thought process.

For years, BJP was forced to take a back-seat and treated as a poor cousin, at the mercy of the lords by Shiv Sena and now the tides are going to change.

If one is hard-pressed to answer the question, what Shiv Sena stands for?

Apparently, nothing comes to mind.

BJP in this year's parliamentary elections, graduated from a religion based political party to a development oriented political party and the biggest problem with Shiv Sena is that, they are still the past.

Of course, they can always claim to stand for "Marathi Manoos" but one, it is also the plank which has been hijacked by the esteemed cousin brother of Mr. Uddhav Thackeray and then second; if you ask them to show the result, the report card carries, 0/100.

There is absolutely nothing Shiv Sena has done for the "Marathi Manoos" and there is no reason, why now the common man of Maharashtra should vote for Shiv Sena.

But, just a couple of months back they won 19 parliamentary seats; it is common-sense that the vote by the "Marathi Manoos" was for Mr. Narendra Modi and not for Shiv Sena or any of its candidate.

After all, what Shiv Sena has done so far?

Except may be handing over the baton from the Mr. Bal Thackeray to Uddhav Thackeray.

Perhaps, the most ambitious of its scheme, if not the only one, was the "Shiv Wada Paav" scheme. Do you remember it?

Huh, got it. No one else in the state also remember it.

Shiv Sena is a party solely based on rhetoric and nothing else. No substance, all "bol-bachchan".

Just after the parliamentary elections, Uddhav Thackeray started dictating terms to the new BJP government in center, as if if there was no Shiv Sena, then BJP would not have able to gather majority.

Uddhav Thackeray should rather contemplate how many seats it would have won, had there would have been no alliance with BJP. May be a couple, at most.

Shiv Sena rules the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation since long, which has the budget of almost $4 Billion. What it has provided to common people of Mumbai?

Except, ugly looking Sky-ways at each station, which were built solely to benefit contractors and builders and office-bearers, and which are being used only by beggars and miscreants, ther eis nothing that Shiv Sena has done for Mumbai.

Oh yes, they got the name of the city changed to Mumbai from Bombay. That is really, such a big contribution to "Marathi Manoos".

Ask, the common people of Mumbai and they will tell their woes...

The time of rhetoric are over...

It is time to show or shut-up.

And BJP is much better without Shiv Sena. BJP does not need Shiv Sena.

The "Marathi Manoos" does not need only rhetoric wielding leaders, travelling in Mercedes Benz and doing nothing for them.

Mr. Amit Shah, go alone.

Entire Maharashtra will vote for BJP, and BJP alone.


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