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Time that Shiv Sena falls in line toed by BJP...

Mr. Amit Shah's visit to Bombay (Mumbai) on 4th September  and not opting to meet their long-time ally and the largest partner in the current Parliament, Shiv Sena is a clear signal by the Top Gun about BJP's inclination and thought process.

For years, BJP was forced to take a back-seat and treated as a poor cousin, at the mercy of the lords by Shiv Sena and now the tides are going to change.

If one is hard-pressed to answer the question, what Shiv Sena stands for?

Apparently, nothing comes to mind.

BJP in this year's parliamentary elections, graduated from a religion based political party to a development oriented political party and the biggest problem with Shiv Sena is that, they are still the past.

Of course, they can always claim to stand for "Marathi Manoos" but one, it is also the plank which has been hijacked by the esteemed cousin brother of Mr. Uddhav Thackeray and then second; if you ask them to show the result, the report card carries, 0/100.

There is absol…