Do the Vrat !

Long way back, when I was a kid. I mean, this is not at all a confession, that I have grown up, or for that matter, that I intend to. Such a disaster that would be.

Yeah, so long way back when I was a kid, I used to scoff at my mother, for fasting, twice a week. Not that on those days, we were forced to eat anything different, no mother is so selfish, but because I simply hated that fact that my mother has to slog whole day, on empty stomach and we all are enjoying.

Now this grievance would surge more so when something would happen,to suggest that, there was no divine intervention and we mortal folks are left to fend for ourselves, even when my mother has been fasting for ages.

In Hindu mythology, after some certain years, like 7 or 10, you are allowed to take a break, before you resume your fasting. I remember my mother, doing this couple of times, when I was a kid. There would be this big Satyanarayana Pooja and all.

Like an ignorant I was, it does not mean that now I know everything, but at least in this matter, I have now reconciled myself with this fact.

Yeah, so like an ignorant I was, I just could not see the big picture behind it.

A couple of years back, I started researching a bit on healthy living.Though I had manage to bring down my weight by 10 Kgs, but I wanted to do much more.

And then I stumbled upon the facts about fasting as a cure to all diseases. I read a couple of more than century old books available on the subject and got grossly engaged in the subject. Scientifically and logically, if you see it, it makes an immediate connect. Hardly there is anything left to understand. Its all there, so simply.

More than 35% of energy is spent on digesting the food that we eat. Even when we are sleeping, the internal organs, which consists of digestive system, they are working almost all through-out. Poor fellows never get a rest.

These organs of the digestive system, and there are so many of them, they never get a rest, unless we stop eating for a certain period.

And this basic premise is so simple and yet astonishing that we miss it.

There are wear and tear , when you use a machine constantly and obviously you cannot repair the machine, if it is in constant use. And that is what happens, when we just keep on eating. Poor fellah...

And what all do we eat...

Lesser said,the better. Every single day, we ingest so many chemicals, that these digestive organs and blood are under so much stress,one could not even comprehend it.

There are two aspects to constantly eating -:

a) The body is not able to expel all the chemicals and other un-wanted stuff, because there is simply no time or energy left for it to do, as it is constantly being fed one thing or other. It never gets free, to expel out the stuff.

It has been seen that the Colon, which is the most important organ of digestive system and perhaps the body, is actually the most neglected and battered one. There have been instances of finding 65 pounds of waste-matter still trapped in the colon, as it could not be thrown away by the body.
10 to 20 pounds of waste, accumulated in the colon, is routine.

Look around your waist, what you see as fat, might not be fat, but all the faecal waste, which Colon has not been able to discharge. Just because, it never got the time to do that.

b) The organs themselves, then fall to prey, as body is not being able to repair them. After all, repair happens, only when the m/c is not working.

Colon cancer is now the second largest form of cancer in USA and probably the world and it could be just avoided by not eating stuff containing SOS (Sugar + Oil + Salt).

Ancient philosophers and doctors like Charak, already knew about this long way back, and also the people who wrote the book about the subject, more than 100 years back, but probably the easiest way to make people adopt this policy of not eating for a few days and giving their body a chance to heal, was for them to link this with religion.

And this is so easy to see...

Look at any of the religion of the world and it involves fasting...

Navratra, Lent, Ramzaan and Prajushan, which started from today.

Everywhere, the importance of fasting has been advocated and almost made mandatory.

Fasting, in Hindi is “Vrat”, which is simplified version, means self-restraint. And again,that explains everything. We are intended to practise self-restraint, by not-eating, so that the body and hence, mind gets the time to heal.

Sometimes, when you connect the dots, as someone astronomically great, once said, you see the whole point.

So fasting is actually the best remedy for any disease. There have been so many instances where even cancer has been cured, just by fasting for 30 days. But sadly, people do not believe it yet, and that includes the people in my family, to very great pain.

And if you are wondering, how even cancer canbe cured by fasting. The logic is so incredibly simple, that it is very hard not to believe it, unless you are insane.

When I stop eating, the body first exhaust the glucose stored, then it starts breaking down the fats deposit for food. After all, it still takes energy to run the entire body. And when, even the fat is exhausted, then it starts looking for all dead particles, dead cells, waste and virus and bacteria in the body. And to do what?

To eat, so that energy can be generated, when there is no food available. And that is how all the cancerous cells, also get eaten and one is cure of the disease.

Our body is the biggest scavenger, it can heal everything. Give it a chance, before popping down chemicals and fattening the purses of corrupt doctors ( there are few doctors in my family too ).

Instead of “Do the dew”, become a hipster and “ Do the Vrat...”


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