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Can there be an India-Pakistan war in 2014?

Within a last one month or so, there has been a lot of activity at India-Pakistan border or what is called LOC.

Every single day, Indian media carries the report of the number of border out-posts of BSF being targeted by Pakistani Rangers and I am sure, the same would be happening on the other side of the fence too.

While, these skirmishes are routine and continue to happen time-to-time, specifically prior to the onset of winter and hence a lot of people are believing that it is not a big reason to worry.

Some people are going ahead and rightly suggesting that this is due to the ongoing internal political crisis that Pakistan is suffering, and the intense activity on LOC, could be just a reason for diverting the Pakistani people’s attention from what is happening there. And that there should not be any further cause of worry.

But in fact, that is the cause of worry...

Whatever happens in Pakistan is very predictable, the politics of Pakistan follows a certain path. History has repeated mo…

Do the Vrat !

Long way back, when I was a kid. I mean, this is not at all a confession, that I have grown up, or for that matter, that I intend to. Such a disaster that would be.
Yeah, so long way back when I was a kid, I used to scoff at my mother, for fasting, twice a week. Not that on those days, we were forced to eat anything different, no mother is so selfish, but because I simply hated that fact that my mother has to slog whole day, on empty stomach and we all are enjoying.
Now this grievance would surge more so when something would happen,to suggest that, there was no divine intervention and we mortal folks are left to fend for ourselves, even when my mother has been fasting for ages.
In Hindu mythology, after some certain years, like 7 or 10, you are allowed to take a break, before you resume your fasting. I remember my mother, doing this couple of times, when I was a kid. There would be this big Satyanarayana Pooja and all.
Like an ignorant I was, it does not mean that now I know everything, b…