Since Saturday, this stuff has been on mind. That I have balance 2 posts left for this week.

For 6 weeks, I sailed through writing 5 posts a week, in a very organised manner. I never had to hurry. But this week has been an aberration. 1 post at the beginning of the week and then 2 consecutive posts on the same day and now as I am writing on this Sunday evening, with 4 and half hours left for the week to get over, this is going to be another 2 consecutive shots.

It is repeating the quest of the target by a salesman, as it happens his life. Sometimes you get the target smooth, sometimes, it is the last minute race.

Ok, let us get back to the post.

On Friday night, I decided to watch a movie. Almost all the movies which I recently watch are online. I have a  bigger external monitor and speakers, and usually decent enough data download speed to warrant the viewing.

But as the credits started rolling, something happened with the audio drivers of the Windows and there was no sound but I decided to continue watching the movie, without any sound.

Weird is not it?

Yes, at first it certainly was, but then I kind of started liking it.

If you worry about the signal/noise ratio of a movie, there are two aspects to it, the visual one and the audio one.

The job of the director is to keep a balance of the signal/noise ratio same, of visual as well as audible stuff.

I suppose in the visual department everything related to actors and acting and storyline and graphics and screenplay comes. And if you have to really savour and may be still analyse the visual aspect, you have to use a silencer and silence the audio.

Since I was forced to watch the movie only visually, I decided that I had better enjoy that rather than anything else, as I was spending the bandwidth and time on it.

And yes, when you start a thing, you finish it.

The name of the movie was "3 Days to Kill" and Kevin Costner was the protagonist.

As the movie started rolling by, surprisingly I had a time to visit and even compare Kevin Costner's earlier work. It is all right by the side of a progressing movie.

So I remember, the first movie of his which I watched, like many of the people, it was "The Bodyguard" and then the brilliant one, probably his best so far, "Dances with wolves" and then "Waterworld", which bombed but Kevin was almost there in it.

I was introduced to Kevin by "Everything I do, I do it for you..." song and it was many years before I could watch "Robin Hood: The prince of thieves".

Recently I loved him in "The Untouchables" too.

Sometimes I missed the beat in "3 Days to kill", as in why this happened or what was said of what consequence but overall, I enjoyed the movie with a silencer.

Unlike a regular movie watching wherein you have to completely immerse yourself in it, here I was at the liberty of moving in my own world too, re-visit the protagonist’s earlier works and invoke those pleasant memories.

The movie has some scenes of Paris city and being at my own liberty, I moved into Paris as well.

Also, it was a good brain exercise, trying to figure out from the visuals, what was being said and why it was being said. And every time, I could try my own interpretation of what was being said and be happy with it, rather than be at the mercy of the director and be content with his audible signal/noise ratio. For me, the signal/noise ratio of audible part was always more than 1.

I was like parallel walking in two different worlds.

Sometime again, I would watch a movie with silencer. You can be in the movie and out of the movie, at your own discretion. Probably that's why for a long time, people enjoyed movies without sound. It allowed them to interpret their own audible version of the visual stuff happening on the screen.

a) Since those Charlie Chaplin movies coming on DD in my childhood, I never ever watched a silent movie. This was my first one in 37 years.

b) You would not believe if I would say that, when I started watching that movie, I did not even know who was the lead actor. It was only during the casting that I came to know, that Kevin was there. I have kept two filters, as far as watching movies online is concerned, first the IMDB rating of more than 65% and then the small description there on the IMDB page of the movie. The cast does not matter.


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