Risk Everything.

I love Nike.

I love Nike because I love Manchester United.

I love Manchester United because...

Today fleetingly, I had the opportunity to witness the new campaign that Nike has launched for the upcoming Football World Cup.

Boldly it says, "Risk Everything".

It just instantly connected.

I spent some time today searching for the other famous quotes from Nike and downloaded 22 of the quotes/wallpapers/posters which I liked most.

I have picked my own two favourites and  they will be as desktop wallpapers on my machines, at least till the world cup is over.

Here is the link to all 22 of them -:



a) When I decided to re-invoke my bog writing, my goal was to write 5 posts every week of 1000 words each.

But then I thought, how do I prioritize this  stuff, so that I have only one thing to worry about, as far as blogging is concerned.

The reason is as it is there are so many things to worry about and unless there is a pecking order, things get messy.

Also, I wanted to clearly define my goal and steps I need to take to achieve that goal.

So I made the things simple.

Goal - To be good at writing.

Steps towards goal - 

1) Write 5 posts a week for  first 52 weeks.

2) Write 5 posts a week of minimum 500 words each for next 52 weeks.

3) Write 5 posts a week of minimum 1000 words each for next 52 weeks.

4) Keep the frequency of posts and quantum of words the same and focus on quality of words for next 7 years.

So this post is shortest of this year, but it serves my purpose of writing something 5 times a week at least.

b) Though there are few words in this post but it took almost similar amount of time on finding the quotes and posters which were worthy of collection.
After all editing is one of the toughest jobs in the world.


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