NaMo and RT

This post would be more interesting for people who reside in Maharashtra or once resided in Maharashtra. But since the election is still the hottest topic in this country, I presume that this would make a sound reading of all.

It is really weird as I do not bother about politics and to be truthful, I could not recollect how this thought ventured into my mind even.

May be it is election related news drumming all around. The din is so much that now it is almost un-bearable now. I really wonder what would so many people do, once the government is formed and everything is all settled. All these people might just lose their only occupation?

But then, there are better/ more important things to worry for me.

Ok, let us get back to the crux of this post.

Have you ever thought, why in the run-up to the elections there was slight buzz about Narendra Modi and Raj Thackeray getting pally?

Why was there any need for Modi to run-up to RT(Raj Thackeray)?

On one point it may seem a serious gamble when you see that there are thousands of migrants in Mumbai, who form the traditional vote bank of BJP and they might have got angered at BJP endearing with Mansey(MNS).

And then biggest of all, disrupting your one of the oldest, trusted and biggedt allies SS(Shiv Sena).

Like I have said earlier, I had no clue how all of a sudden this query crossed my mind today afternoon, but since data can solve every query of man-kind, I started digging for data to make 2 + 2.

a) Constituency - Mumbai South - Shiv Sena won by 1,28,148 votes over Congress. MNS was third and polled 84864 votes.

b) Constituency - Mumbai North - BJP won by 4,46,582 votes. Third pary was AAP with 32,364 votes. No Mansey.

c) Constituency - Mumbai North Central - BJP won by 1,86,771 votes. Third part was AAP with 34,284 votes. No Mansey.

d) Constituency - Mumbai North East - BJP won by 3,17,122 votes. Third was AAP with 76,451 votes. No Mansey.

e) Constituency - Mumbai North West - SS won by 1,83,028 votes. Third party was Mansey(MNS) with 66,088 votes.

f) Consituency - Mumbai South Central - SS won by 1,38,342 votes. Mansey was third with 73,113 votes.

So as you see Ladies and Gentlemen, MNS(Mansey) alias - Maharashtra Navnirman Sena did not contest those seats where BJP was contesting. It contested those seats only where SS(Shiv Sena) was contesting as part of the poll arrangement with BJP. And wherever MNS contested, it was the third largest party with considerable number of votes.

Now you would be wondering...

Was not it some kind of poll alliance. Yes, of course it is. A clandestine one though.

MNS has traditionally been that party which is a fortune-breaker for others, inbstead of being fortune-makers for itself. There are King-Makers and there are King-Breakers and Maharastra Navnirman Sena comes in the second category.

BJP was evidently clear of this standing of MNS and since they did not want to take any chance (at least in Mumbai, which has been well represented earlier by Congress). If MNS would have contested on all those seats where BJP was contesting, it could have to some extent jeopardised its chances.

So Raj Thackeray praises Modi. Modi meets Raj Thackeray. Two lost brothers, suddenly in awe of each other and a clandestine alliance is done.

Nothing comes for FREE Ladies and Gentlemen and knowing the kind of guy RT is, he would be extracting a heavy pound of flesh in future. After all, you cannot feed a regional party only on dramatics and rhetorics.

Surprisingly there has been some feature length interviews of Raj Thackeray by Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab (I know this because my Dad watched those interviews with volume turned up really loud), and there was no mention of this poll alliance, as otherwise my Dad would have included that in his post-interview commentary relayed to myself and mother, with his special comments on them.

Did Rajdep and Arnab blinked? Did they do interview without looking at data?

Your guess...

The thing which was bugging me since afternoon, is now settled and I am at peace.

PS -

a) The good thing about being an engineer is that you always look first for data, before even attempting any problem. Perhaps that is the single most important thing I learnt in Engineering College and imbibed as an engineer. God is in data.

b) Though this data is only from Mumbai seats, I take this liberty to presume that this would be the story everywhere in Maharashtra too.


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