When I started writing(again) a couple of months back, I made my goal consistency. The one and only goal was consistency.

The reasons were multi-fold. Consistency is what makes you genius in any field, if you are consistent for 10 years in it.

The biggest reason of people falling in-consistent is that they take more on their plate, than they can chew.

In my case, writing down 5 blog posts per week is getting a big number and I am not being able to do it, consistently. I faltered last week and then this week also, I am falling behind the number I promised.

So I have decided to improvise on the number of the consistency figure from 5 posts per week to 3 posts per week.

The number of 5 was a random figure, which I felt was adequate but the goal was to be consistent with that number.

The goal is to be consistent with any number >0 of posts per week. For that matter even if it is one, because even if I write 1 post per week consistently, I would be improving upon my past performance by several factors. Since July 2005, if you sum up all posts that I have written, I have never managed 1 posts per week.

Hence, from this week, I am coming on 3 posts per week and the goal is to be consistent with the number.

We have a fallacy that if we are doing more, more we are productive. It is wrong. However less in number the tasks you do, but do it consistently. Being consistent is being productive. Doing more stuff, off-and-on is not being productive.


    a) One more reason for falling in-consistent is the back-log one creates when they have more on the plate than they can chew. It starts weighing on the head and then ultimately one gives up. So if I have to write 5 posts per week and till Thursday, I have written only 1 posts, I am more prone to give up the week's target than attempt it.

    b) When I started writing this post, I was at wits end that what reason I should give for curtailing down the number of posts I will write from 5 to 3?
After all, with much fan-fare I had promised that I will write 5 posts/week. It would be like admitting defeat on that particular number 5, that I cannot do it.

I wrote a long explanation that how I am getting a critical judge of my own writing and how I am feeling that I am not writing well and to start writing well, I need to read a lot and that requires time and hence I am curtailing the number of posts from 5 to 3.
It sounded very logical gave me a way out from some what possible embarrassment.

But then I thought, wait. Whom I am fooling? I cannot be true to even myself? What is wrong in admitting defeat truthfully? And embarrassment from whom? I am not doing this for anyone, I am doing it for myself only.

And then I deleted that whole stuff and simply admitted that I am not being able to be consistent with 5 posts per week figure.

    c) This does not mean that I would be writing on dot 3 posts per week. I have revised down the number so that, I never ever miss that number again. I can always write more than that number. But I shall never miss the target ever again, any week.

    d) Why I am not being able to write 5 posts per week? Only stuff I had to say is that. First wear my shoes, walk for a mile and then only judge me.
    e) I am experimenting with tabbing the first line of every new PS paragraph and putting the entire PS in italics. It makes distinction between the main post and PS possible and also allows the PS to be much easier on eyes.


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