49 Days for Modi.

Yesterday's I was glued to my monitor, continuously refreshing the election commission website.

Now that government is going to be formed by Mr.Modi, they have to deliver in 49 days.

Yes, that is what the number of days they gave to AAP in Delhi, actually the countless tricks both BJP and Congress played could actually make this figure lesser, in effect.

The way this election campaign has been run by BJP, on a single person mandate has created so much vacuum down below PM level, that even in today's newspaper (so far I managed to go through ToI), there is no mention of probable candidates for various cabinet ministries.

In effect, 125 Crores Indians all know now, is that who is going to be their Prime Minister.

This is despite the fact that even a new born could have predicted a NDA government, all its allies were known and one can easily draw probable candidates of cabinet ministers from them. Winning and losing of those probable candidates in general elections actually does not matter, because once you have the enough numbers, even a deserving candidate who has lost a Lok Sabha election can be elected to Rajya Sabha.

Is not it ridiculous that even the biggest of political pundits are clue-less that what could be formation of new cabinet would be like?

I would bet that none of the people in BJP itself know what could be the cabinet like?

Does this sound well for this country?
Achchey din aaney waaley hain...
Achchey din aaney waaley hain...It is actually laughable...

Government is an organisation and it is run by a team, not an individual. The campaign which BJP ran had this tone that even the team members are lousy and worthless, one man ie Mr. Modi is the panacea to all the problems that this country is facing and he will steer us to prosperity.

Achchey din aaney waaley hain...
Ha ha ha !!!

While moving within the house, a couple of times I listened to the parts of the speech, where Mr. Modi is asking for 5 years or 60 months to transform this country.

These are the words of a politicians who has won 3 consecutive elections from Gujarat and is telling the whole world that all India needs, is a replication of supposedly the already perfected model called "Gujarat Model", why he then needs 60 months?

He has the experience, he has the solution. Crores of peop
Achchey din aaney waaley hain...le people believe in that. Then why 60 months?

Ok, let him give the benefit of doubt, that probably he does not know what he is talking about, but where was your intelligence when you started judging people who were novices in politics and governance and are trying to present an alternate form of politics, on just 49 days of their troubled existence?

In that respect, all BJP needs is may be not more than 9 days to prove them.

After all, you have the majority, the PM and the model. Everything is there.

But we are not like you, so we would also give you 49 days and let us see what you manage to do in those 49 days.

Achchey din aaney waaley hain...49 days, thats all Mr Modi. 49 days.


a) This week was tough and this is my first post of the week and hence I have defaulted on my goal, for the first time in two months. I could have written the post yesterday, but it would have drowned in the din.

All is still not lost and I could write a couple of more posts but that would be just like filling up the blanks.

b) There was once a Hindi movie called "100 Days" , the hero and heroine were Jackie Shroff and Madhuri Dixit. It was some kind of murder mystery. What the new government led by Mr. Modi can achieve in 49 days of its existence, can deliver would turn out to be a better mystery, I am sure.

c) When I queried "49 Days" to search for an image for this post, I came to know that "49 Days" is also a television series in South Korea with a decent IMDB rating of 6.6 (It passes my filter). Probably some day, I would try to watch a couple of those episodes.


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