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When I started writing(again) a couple of months back, I made my goal consistency. The one and only goal was consistency.

The reasons were multi-fold. Consistency is what makes you genius in any field, if you are consistent for 10 years in it.

The biggest reason of people falling in-consistent is that they take more on their plate, than they can chew.

In my case, writing down 5 blog posts per week is getting a big number and I am not being able to do it, consistently. I faltered last week and then this week also, I am falling behind the number I promised.

So I have decided to improvise on the number of the consistency figure from 5 posts per week to 3 posts per week.

The number of 5 was a random figure, which I felt was adequate but the goal was to be consistent with that number.

The goal is to be consistent with any number >0 of posts per week. For that matter even if it is one, because even if I write 1 post per week consistently, I would be improving upon my past performance by sever…

NaMo and RT

This post would be more interesting for people who reside in Maharashtra or once resided in Maharashtra. But since the election is still the hottest topic in this country, I presume that this would make a sound reading of all.

It is really weird as I do not bother about politics and to be truthful, I could not recollect how this thought ventured into my mind even.

May be it is election related news drumming all around. The din is so much that now it is almost un-bearable now. I really wonder what would so many people do, once the government is formed and everything is all settled. All these people might just lose their only occupation?

But then, there are better/ more important things to worry for me.

Ok, let us get back to the crux of this post.

Have you ever thought, why in the run-up to the elections there was slight buzz about Narendra Modi and Raj Thackeray getting pally?

Why was there any need for Modi to run-up to RT(Raj Thackeray)?

On one point it may seem a serious gamble when you s…

49 Days for Modi.

Yesterday's I was glued to my monitor, continuously refreshing the election commission website.

Now that government is going to be formed by Mr.Modi, they have to deliver in 49 days.

Yes, that is what the number of days they gave to AAP in Delhi, actually the countless tricks both BJP and Congress played could actually make this figure lesser, in effect.

The way this election campaign has been run by BJP, on a single person mandate has created so much vacuum down below PM level, that even in today's newspaper (so far I managed to go through ToI), there is no mention of probable candidates for various cabinet ministries.

In effect, 125 Crores Indians all know now, is that who is going to be their Prime Minister.

This is despite the fact that even a new born could have predicted a NDA government, all its allies were known and one can easily draw probable candidates of cabinet ministers from them. Winning and losing of those probable candidates in general elections actually does not m…

Risk Everything.

I love Nike.

I love Nike because I love Manchester United.

I love Manchester United because...

Today fleetingly, I had the opportunity to witness the new campaign that Nike has launched for the upcoming Football World Cup.

Boldly it says, "Risk Everything".

It just instantly connected.

I spent some time today searching for the other famous quotes from Nike and downloaded 22 of the quotes/wallpapers/posters which I liked most.

I have picked my own two favourites and  they will be as desktop wallpapers on my machines, at least till the world cup is over.

Here is the link to all 22 of them -:


a) When I decided to re-invoke my bog writing, my goal was to write 5 posts every week of 1000 words each.

But then I thought, how do I prioritize this  stuff, so that I have only one thing to worry about, as far as blogging is concerned.

The reason is as it is there are so many things to worry about and unless there is a peckin…


Since Saturday, this stuff has been on mind. That I have balance 2 posts left for this week.

For 6 weeks, I sailed through writing 5 posts a week, in a very organised manner. I never had to hurry. But this week has been an aberration. 1 post at the beginning of the week and then 2 consecutive posts on the same day and now as I am writing on this Sunday evening, with 4 and half hours left for the week to get over, this is going to be another 2 consecutive shots.

It is repeating the quest of the target by a salesman, as it happens his life. Sometimes you get the target smooth, sometimes, it is the last minute race.

Ok, let us get back to the post.

On Friday night, I decided to watch a movie. Almost all the movies which I recently watch are online. I have a  bigger external monitor and speakers, and usually decent enough data download speed to warrant the viewing.

But as the credits started rolling, something happened with the audio drivers of the Windows and there was no sound but I decided …

A bridge too far...

"A bridge too far" is one of my all time favourite movie. If you'd search for the same, the google snippet would say,

"A Bridge Too Far is a 1977 epic war film based on the 1974 book of the same name by Cornelius Ryan, adapted by William Goldman. It was produced by Joseph E. Levine and Richard P. Levine and directed by Richard Attenborough."

Star studded film with likes of Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine, it tells the story of a failed attempt to capture an important German bridge during World War II at great cost to allied forces. All across Rhine, there were numerous important bridges, which needed to be occupied in order to corner the German Army and thousands of lives were lost in capturing them. This movie is story of one of such attempt.

Almost, last two days of mine has been spent in building another kind of bridge, a wireless bridge.

Providence has a hand in myself owning 3 wireless routers. So I decided to try bridging two of them,to exper…

Online Stalking

Everyone has been a stalker in their life, one time or other.

 You'd rather admit it.

Stalking does not mean only love interests following but it could be anything like, following your competitor, your rival at work place etc. Repeatedly visiting someone's Facebook or Twitter profile to see what that person has been up to is also stalking.

One predominant form of stalking which is less obvious is the online stalking by various websites and apps, you visit daily.

There are all kind of cookies, widgets, advertising trackers, analytical trackers and beacons used by the sites to track you and haunt you, wherever you go online. And I am not including in this the social plugins which are embedded nowadays on almost every web-page.

And these kind of activities have some fancy names like - "Retargetting" etc

A couple of them like Google Analytics is something which you can come to expect, but things are getting much farther than that.

According to Ghostery, in this world there ar…