Where is your common sense?

This has to be last of the series on anything related to politics, till the general election results are announced. The mayhem after that would ensure that a couple of posts should be written on the spectacle unfolding after that.

At ripe old age of 36, I voted for the first time in my life. The apathy was gone. Though the constitution has put in place an option, wherer in you can reject every candidate and nullify your vote, but so far it was kind of too much of trouble.

After all, politics is the refuge of scoundrels and why to waste so much of energy and effort to tell that I did not like any of the scoundrels.

The apathy was gone because perhaps for the first time after independence, there was a remote possibility that few sincere people could be voted to governance. Not your regular run of the mill people, who when could not find any form of suitable employment, plunged into politics for the lure of the power, prestige and whethery they say it or not, money.

Yes I voted for AAP today afternoon and again I will vote for AAP in the Maharashtra assembly elections, due later this year. I would have campaigned and volunteered for AAP, but then due to some family issues, I could not.

The crux of the matter, Ladies and Gentlemen is, everybody deserves a chance. The status quo needs to be changed. The governance needs to be changed.

Politics is the art and science of government. Thats what it is in the true context. What it has been reduced to now is - the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government.

And why?

Are these people indulging in politics descendants of Mother Teresa?

You very well know what kind of people these are...

The people who say AAP is anarchist, I pity them. I pity the schools they have been to and above all I pity the children they have fathered or are in the process to.

Because for that matter, Ladies and Gentlemen, no revolution has ever succeeded without anarchy. And who are the people defining these actions as anarchy? Whenever in the history of mankind, people have challenged the status quo, they have been branded as anarchist. Do not run your imagination too far if you are little bit of short on history, you have several hundred examples from this country's freedom struggle itself.

People say AAP fell short of its promises when they made the government in Delhi.

Hilarious this is, I mean if you were to be judged on your performance in any new job for first 30 days, I can vouch that AAP did tremendously better than you. And above all, they did not have any industry experience either, unlike you.

Ok, There have been state governments and there have been national governments, and what they have done in first 30 odd days?

C'mon, give them a break.

The problem with this country is that we are arm-chair activists and ranters. Thats all we are and that is why the country is in such state. We would copy and paste some ideological philosophy on social networks, discuss a bit the mayhem the country is in over a couple of scotch, go to sleep and then forget everything the next morning.

Here are few good men, who instead of social networking activism are out there in the streets, putting their neck on the line, taking on biggies and we call them anarchists and liars.

I mean, if you dont have balls to change the status quo at least do not mock the people who have. You'd rather enjoy your scotch cowering down.

It is an old adage that people see, what they want to see. Nobody goes beyond that, because it is tough, it may hurt, it may break fallacies and false notions. So there has been a roving movie being shown around this country over the development model of one particular state.

I am not sure which school you went to and which all subject you studied, I went to a government school and I was a science student. But I know this much that the only yardstick for measurement of any economy, whether it is street level, area level, state level or for that matter national level is the rise in GDP.

You know GDP right?

That is the only yardstick by which you measure development. Rest is all bullshit and can be flushed down the commode.

For your eyes, Gujarat's share of India's GDP was 16.2% in 2005. Gujarat's share of India's GDP in 2012 was 16.5%.
Maharashtra's share of India's GDP was 33.0% in 2005 and in 2012, it was 33.3%.

Elementary isn't it?

But as they say, common sense is not so common after all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when your GDP is not growing, how do you build new roads, canals, dams, flyovers etc?

Ok, now I would not comment on your schooling again. You do the above activites by borrowing money. So where does the state government borrow money from, that is homework number 1 for you.

And when you borrow money, you have to pay interest on that right? Your home-work number 2 is to find out how much debt the state of Gujarat has and what is the quantum of interest payable monthly on that.

See, now you would wish that I have been your school teacher... Yeah I can wear many hats.

The point is Ladies and Gentlmen, use your common-sense, do not get hoodwinked and push the country into another 5 years of turmoil and mayhem.Changing status quo is very difficult, and that is why the number of revolutions which has happened in the history of mankind can be counted on 10 fingers.

Do not see, what you are made to see. Try to look beyond that. Things are usually very simple in life, unless you make a conscious effort to make them complex.

Government of the people, for the people and by the people can happen only when these extraordinary league of gentlemen are given a chance.

a) This blog post contains 1030 words.
b) Oh, I am sorry I did not discuss the UP riots and religious bias and all,my dinner was getting cold.
c) Congress is not discussed here well because, it would have been waste of energy. 

d) I voted for AAP, I did not vote for a particular person.
e) This post is addressed to a third person and is not meant for you specifically.


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