One year without Facebook...

This follows my earlier post,about my attempt to reduce consumption of information and decrease the clutter in my life...

On Zero-hundred hours, 4th of April 2014 I completed one year without Facebook.

This was my second attempt at quitting Facebook. 

Once I tried earlier in 2012 as well. 

But I had come back to Facebook then because for my company, I had to make Facebook pages and also had to learn how Facebook advertising works and whether it is worth it or not(At least for Startups, Facebook is an incredibly stupid way to spend money).

Before I logged back in to Facebook again in 2012,I had written a Quora answer, on a question related to quitting Facebook. I guess at that moment, I was the second only person to post an answer.

One day I found a message from a very reputed journalist of Los Angeles Times, requesting me to answer some questions related to quitting Facebook. It was the times of Facebook IPO hitting the bourses.

People were feeding on anything and everything related to Facebook and a story on people quitting Facebook would definitely make a great story (for consumption by lesser mortals )

Voila, till then I had only read baout the adage, "Every dog has its day"

Getting featured on LA Times, this dog's day had come. I readily agreed and gave my email address so that the the questionnaire can be sent to me. 

I filled up and returned the questionnaire immediately and the gentleman edited my response, as he suited and then sent me the document back again, seeking my opinion, as in whether it was fit for publication and still truly represented my views and thoughts.

Those were just grammatical edits and I immediately gave in my nod.

D.S replied that he would sent me the link to the article, when it gets published and promptly did so and again thanked me for the co-operation.

So this dog featured on LA Times before he got featured on Economic Times...

I mean some dogs have really their own sweet way...

When I quit Facebook for the first time in 2012, I wrote a blog post and it would be prudent only, if you do not read it.

Like I said just now, I would not reveal the reasons, though all of them are online on my blog post and even on L.A. Times...

Baat niklegi to door talak jaayegi...

First few days were difficult after quitting, especially if you do not have a social life. Then I realised that, that FB was just a plug to "fill-in-the-blanks". The blanks can be filled otherwise also.

You can call, you can SMS and you can email. If you have the balls, you can straightaway land at the doorstep of other person, un-announced ( Do not do this, you are not living in the 90s, people will send you to asylum, though I am a different case study)

Apart from the apps which ask me to login via FB OAuth, I do not miss FB at all.

I was not working on Fermat's last theorom when I quit FB last year and neither did I started solving the shortest proof of it, after quitting, but after the pangs of withdrawl symptoms left me, I had a lot time on my hand.

I found so many of classmates from school and college via FB, in that way, it is just fabulous and I mean stupendous...

The crux of the matter is that with those whom you want to stay connected, you'd always find a way to do so, once you have their co-ordinates with the help of FB.

For the rest, you are just wasting your time...


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