Not tonight honey...

I have completed one month of writing 5 posts a week and this has been my best blogging streak in last 9 years of blogging. Obviously, I am referring to the quantity only.

When people used to mention about the "Writer's Block", I was not able to comprehend, that how can someone, who has produced such great literary works, can just freeze at some moments and not being able to move the pen.

And when it happened with me, then I realised the pain. You know what to write, the list of topics are there, but you just cannot move your fingers. This is really amazing.

I mean here is a guy, who writes like a toddler and is suffering from the pain of "Writer's Block", what the pain would be of "THE" people?

Today morning, I was ready with a list of 3 topics on which I wanted to write, but then I started struggling with my Win7 m/c, then I had to travel out and everything went in the cold folder. When I came back, I just could not make myself to write anything. Those topics are there, I know what to write (In another 9 years and 11 months, I would learn how to write also) but then I could not just move.

But since I promised myself that I would write 5 times a week, I had to write something and hence, I am writing now about, how I am not being able to write today.

Writing gives me pleasure, I am very lousy at it but I bet, dopamine is released inside my brain, when I finish my post.

I used to read about people making excuses "Not tonight honey...", it was puzzling for me, that who would try to postpone such a pleasurable act. But sometimes, you just can't even make love. I know that today.

Pondering over it a bit more and found that actually there is a block for everything. Sometimes, you just do not want to work, not because you don't love your job, but because, you just don't know why.

Sometimes, there is the "Talking Block", you just do not want to talk to anyone, not because you don't love them, but because most of the times, you do not even know the reason.

Many a times, there is block with certain objects, rather than activities. Since last 9 years, I have not been able to finish the autobiography of Mr Bill Clinton - "My Life". It is a voluminous book, but certainly it could have been read in 9 years. I mean, I have finished scores of books in last 9 years, many of them in one overnight sitting. But this one, is a huge block out there.

All these blocks are mental, but who do they happen all of a sudden and how to overcome them, at least I don't know.

Until then, if someone says to me "Not tonight honey", I would perfectly understand where that person is standing...


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