Moon Moon Insane?

I was reading a book today morning (I would not disclose the book's name, as then in my usual habit, I would jump the track and start discussing the book) and believe it or not, first time learnt that, actually there were 3 people aboard the Apollo 11 mission, which was the first lunar landing.

How dumb of me.

For quite a long time, during my childhood, I knew of only one name, Neil Armstrong and then I read somewhere that there was actually another poor guy, who just fell short a couple of steps, literally and Mr.Neil Armstrong is all that mostly people remember. This guy, Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know was Mr.Buzz Adlrin. By the way, he studied at MIT. What a bragging point it would have been for the world's best engineering college, that the world's first man to step on the moon studied there.

The 3rd man above the command module Columbia of Apollo11 mission was, Mr. Michael Collins. I was surprised at my ignorance and dumbfoundedness.

Immediately, the thought which came to my mind that why did not Mr.Collins came out in the lunar module (which was named Eagle), after all either of Mr. Armstrong or Mr.Aldrin could have commanded the Columbia and would have done the necessary docking operations, once Eagle finshed its mission.

So I started searching on the topic and stumbled on the startling fact that so far only 12 men have walked on the surface of the moon (all American) and only 24 men have been to moon.

I mean, you got to be kidding me? Only 12 men have walked on the surface of moon so far?

The reason it is incredulous, because of that hoopla over flying to Mars and establishing a colony over there and living life, just like earth.

First one should conquer the territory which is nearer and that is the moon, but still no one talks about even flying to it. Ok, if we want to establish a colony on Mars, at least we can peck Moon as a breakfast or a high tea location?

But surprisingly, it is completely out of the picture.

And certainly the climatic conditions are not the cause. If Mars is supposed to be hospitable enough for a colony, then certainly is Moon.

Then I tried to dig deeper and was then again startled...

The last lunar mission, was Apollo 17, from 11th of December to 14th of December 1972.

I mean 1972?

For almost 42 Godly years, there has not been a manned lunar mission and no one has left the lower earth orbit?

And you talk about going to Mars?

C'mon !

There is something fishy there, which is not been divulged, like kind of Area51 stuff.

If you are so afraid of moon that for more than 40 years you have not sent a manned mission, how are you supposed to conquer Mars?

So apart from figuring out why Mr.Collins was not there inside Eagle, I have to figure out, why there has not been a manned lunar mission since Apollo 17?

If you happen to figure out either of the two, first, do let me know or if you are interested to dig deep into it, may be together we can collaborate...

This would be one exciting mission...


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