Why be perfect?

I would be completing 9 years of blogging in July 2014.

If I am not too wrong, Blogger was still the property of Ev Williams, rather than Google at that time.

Earlier, I had a brush with Geocity, where I created a page and would post some or other thing. Later Yahoo bought Geocity and I do not remember what happened to my page or account. Since that period, 2000 to 2005, I had no internet property of my own to call.

So when Blogger came, I latched on to it.

Later on as I started the company, I had the company blogs too, apart from the personal ones.

But yes, I used to and still write very lousy and most of the times I wonder, what would be the people's reaction going to be after reading my blog, specially of those ones, who have a blog of their own and write in such a succint manner.

Blogging for me was always a way of expression, wherein you just pent out, what has been bolted inside you and you could do it in a very subtle manner, many a times, even without wondering, who all are the people, who got to read that.

But slowly, I blogged lesser and lesser. The reason was I used to find almost everyone, writing way better than me and then I would sulk at my performance.

And to further complicate the matter, there was no direct competition in blogging, like say in my professional world.

A few days back, I said to myself, to hell with it, I would write 5 times a week, come what may.

And then I introspected, why I left that in the first place ie blogging.

It stems from the deep rooted malaise in our society where perfection matters more than efforts. What I mean to say that people would not be appreciative of your efforts, unless you are perfect in it and have something to show.

And that is the reason, why almost everyone is scared of treading a different path in life, compared to the old beaten, run of the mill one.

It is because there is no appreciation of your efforts.

People are shy of learning something new, doing something new, trying something new because they know that unless they are perfect in that new field, the world is going to be only cynical of them. So why make an effort, when there is no appreciation of the effort.

So people do not try to change the status quo of their life.

What if no one has to be perfect in what they are doing?

The learning which you get by trying so many different new things, would not way much more than compensate the knowledge of a one single silo?

In sports it is always said participation is more important than winning, but why do we make winning or perfection in real life so paramount?

Life is a sport right?

There is an old adage which says - "Jack of all, master of none". It would have come to the origin because there must have been a relevance of it in real life.But now if you look around, nobody believes in it.

People want to stick to one thing and they would spend their entire life, trying to perfect that one thing, because that is where the glory lies, because that is where the accolades are.

So when I started writing again, I said to myself, I would not try to be perfect.

I would just write and not worry about anything else.

 What is going to be the end result a few years down the line, is that eventually, I would be a much better writer.

Though, I started with the notion that, I would not try to be perfect. I would just put-in my best efforts.

But if you start hammering on a person that you are no good unless you are in top 99 percentile of what you are doing, even before that person has started, then ultimately, he/she won't start only.

And if you really want to connect the dots of what I have said so far, then you know what is written in BhagvadGita.

So let us not try to be perfect, let us do and let us do it with the best of our abilities.

And if we cannot do, let us be at least appreciative of other people's efforts. Do not hammer them that they are losing their hours and days, and they are not becoming any good at it or they have nothing to show.

If someone sticks with what they are doing and does it repeatedly, without even trying to be perfect, they would be perfect.

I read "The Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell, very late in my life. I thought it was just another self-help book. 

The  guys who are mentioned in that book, never started to do what they untimately became master in that, because they wanted to be perfect in it.

They just kept on doing it, because they loved what they were doing, and so on and so forth. The folks close to those people, just supported their efforts. And then magic happened after 10 years or 10,000 hours. They became perfect in what they were doing.

So if you do not believe that all to happen new is over in your life, you can start something new, without worrying about naysayers telling you, you aint any good, unless you are perfect in it. Do not try to be perfect, just do it.

And if you believe that, everything new that can happen in your life is over, then be supportive of your kids (if you are married), if they start doing something new. Do not force or compel them to be perfect in it. Let them enjoy doing that and one day they would be just at the pinnacle.

Life is a journey, enjoy the drive.

Arriving at destinations are so boring...

PS: This blog has 1001 words.


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