No news is good...

  1. For brevity, the title of the post is different than what is there in the image and I would try to explain here why it is so…

    People talk about  few addictions only which plague the human race like Nicotine, Alcohol, Marijuana; while there are so many others which are equally damaging subjectively.

    Let us talk about “News”.

    I used to read 4 newspapers daily, without fail. Then for the tech and startup related news, I used to be almost always on the top of Hacker News.

    And if this was not enough then there was Twitter. (I have been on Twitter since 28th January 2008 but have deleted my account once and then made another one).

    I had this constant urge of staying on top of everything and what the psychologists now call - FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

    My brain was addicted to the constant stream of information (Did I miss those stupid emails).

    All this while I was trying to build a company and a business, gosh that was so gross.

    Many a months, even without watching any online movies or downloading any stuff, I would exhaust 11 GB quota of my internet dongle, just by visiting the web pages (They are so heavy now with tons of trackers and beacons on every web page.On one oage I noticed 112 trackers)

    And then there is Evernote, which entices you to store as much information as possible (The free limit is 60MB per month).Though it is something else, whether you go back and have a look at that information again or not, acting on that information is a completely different story.

    I have 1343 notes in my Evernote (that too after completely boycotting news, otherwise you could have imagined the number).

    The number of bookmarks combined on Chrome and Firefox would easily cross 3000 (It is such a pain to shift and search those bookmarks, sometimes when you are desperately looking for that one piece of info).

    Now let us come to the point that what is the use of all this news, and what good it was doing to me?

    I believe apart from releasing dopamine( or similar chemicals, I have not researched on it yet, but it must be dopamine only) and making you feel good and better(like a mirage or false feeling), consuming news is any form, is highly injurious.

    It is no worse than nicotine or alcohol addiction.

    And the worst part was that, I was making myself slaves to all the people, who were producing news, out there. The newspapers, the websites, the content producers.

     And all these people are not Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi, sacrificing their lives for the greater good of humankind, by producing news, rather these are people who were creating news in all its myriad forms, so that they can earn livelihood by selling it.

    New is one of the biggest business globally and that I need not tell you. There have been Murdoch scandal and there have been Barkha Dutt scandal nearby, but still I did not pay heed to the fact that I was trapped in the tentacles of these morons, who have no ethics or soul.

    So what was the tipping point…

    At some point, 24 hours felt inadequate, this despite of the fact that I did not have any social life(inspite of the fact being a bachelor) and still there was tons of stuff, which I wanted to do or learn.

    And that made me thinking, what is wrong?

    I am not partying, I am not travelling, I do not have a wife to manage, I do not meet friends and still I could not finish what I want to do. So where I am spending my time?

    And then I found that all I was doing was consuming and consuming…

    I was drinking from the hose pipe and it was connected to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Newspaper and HN.

    If I have come in this life, then my job is to create and not consume.

    My job is to learn and un-learn and not to fall slave to devices and people.

    As a first step I took out the sim-card from my Blackberry, threw it in the cup-board and bought a simple Nokia phone. No stupid apps constantly pinging for my attention and poking me to consume them and yes, one of those app is definitely - Email.

    It has been 2 years now almost, using a rudimentary phone. A very big transition and a difficult one, considering that fact that I have been using a smartphone since March 2004 (Do you remember Nokia 9210i). Talk about withdrawl symptoms after 8 years.

    But I was no longer slave of the device, I broke free.

    And then slowly I broke free from Facebook, Twitter, Nespapers and HN.

    Apart from Movies,Discovery and NGC, I do not watch anything on TV, ie ifand when I do.

    If you ask me today, what is happening in the world, most probably,I do not have any clue and I am happy.

    Why do you need to drink from the hose pipe 24X7, which has been thrusted deliberately down the throat by someone else, whose sole purpose is to earn livelihood from this misery of yours.

    If something important would happen, I would definitely get to hear it from someone else.


    4th war between India-Pakistan.
    Army rule in India.
    Bobbitising as a punishement for bribery in IPC.

    And yes, if you want to know something about something, then you can always DuckDuckGo it ... 

    So, why should I make myself slave to devices and people?
    No news is good…

    PS: I read a whole lot of business magazines though. They are slightly better than newspapers.
    There is a Hacker News Weekly newsletter to which I subscribe, which sends you all the top HN posts, category-wise, it gives me a snapshot of what is happening in my world.


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