I do not remember since when I started reading magazines exactly, but it was pertty early in my life.

My father used to bring magazines from his office's library and there were all kinds of them. Some of them have died, like The Illustrated Weekly of India. I used to absolutely love Frontline. The cold war was still on in those days and I was always on top of what is happening between the two countries and my school friends used to be astonished on my knowledge of the subject.

Sometimes he used to bring the hindi magazines also and my favourite was "Dharamyug" and "Maya". Once Maya had a big coverage of Nusli Wadia and Dhirubhai Ambani's rivalry and it just stoked my imagination for days.

And newspapers, there were tons of them. My father used to dabble in shares those days and I remember the ones like "Premium" and "Money". I would not understand the financial details, but I used to gorge on the company details, what different companies were doing. And these newspapers were apart from the daily ToI and ET.

While in standard 6th, I was introduced to competitive exams magazines like General Knowledge Today and Competition Success Review. Though, NDA exam was more than half decade away, but I decided to subscribe to them, to start early. Slowly and steadily, my general knowledge increased considerably, thanks to solving the various question papers. I used to time my performance and used to keep a record, subject-wise.

What I learnt about History and Geography by solving those examination papers was invaluable and not there in prescribed books of CBSE.

Also, those competition magazines used to let me escape in a world of my own, from the mundane school books.

Then after sometime, I started subscribing to IAS related magazines like - "Yojana" and couple of others. Though their content was not all within my grasp at that time.

And then, I started susbcribing to business magazines, in those days there were only two Business World and Business India. So till my school life, there was hell lot of reading of newspapers and magazines.

Things used to go to such extent that during exam times, my mother used to hide the newspapers, as soon as it was delivered by the newspaper guy. And everyday, in those big british era homes, it was a challenge for me to find the newspapers and magazines. I just could not live without them.

Well, all this is apart from the books which I used to bring from the library. I guess, access to library started from Class 8th(books were issued only once a week) and by the time I completed Class 10th, I had read all the Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Nanacy Drew and Enid Blyton.
I used to finish the books, the day there were issued. And then used to begin my request to the library sir to issue me another book. And I had to plead a lot, because he was not supposed to do so, as if it happens then everyone would start pinging him for the same.

Before the week used to get over, I would swap the second book with one of my friends(If I was lucky enough to get a book which I had not read), and so every week I used to finish 3 of those books. I could have swapped more books but most of the people were more enthusiastic in reading the course books than those, and would refuse me saying that they still have to finish the quota.

Whatever I learnt from those magazines and books and news-papers in those days was information to me.

Today we are decepted in assuming that what we are consuming or reading is all information and hence we go on and on, doing that.

I had dispense, what is different between and news and information.

I was forced to seek the truth( read, the difference), while I was trying to understand my own behaviour of consumism from all different sources.

What I found out after a lot of introspection is-:

A) News is delivered to you, but you seek information.

You do not have to do much to ge the news. It comes to you from the myriad of sources, specially in this age. And also it comes in all the forms. Your job is just to filter it, what you want and what you do not want.
But I do not think it is possible to do so in today's age, if you are consuming news from so many sources. You are just getting drenched, the filter does not work because the brain is overwhelmed by the quantum of stuff that it has to process. So it allows everything.

I used to read newspaper as a kid, but I used to seek out information from it, by having fixed filters and since the quantum that my brain has to process was way less, the process was successful.

B) Information can be put to work, but news is garbage.

 News in its inherent form is oure garbage. Tell me 10 instances in last one year, where upon consuming news day-in-and-day-out via FB, Twitter, Apps, Linkedin, TV it helped your life in any way. Or it changed your life for better. I am sure you would be hard pressed to answer this question.
On the other hand, information can be put to good work, whether in professional or personal life.

C) Information is pure and has a method attached to it, while news is raw and crude.

Probably the only identifier which you need to know between and news and information is that, you can always deduce data from information, while as you know by now is that, new is garbage.
So next time, you read something and you cannot deduce any data from it, be sure, you have wasted your precious time.

D) News has a price but Information has a cost

So you pay for the newspaper or your cable subscription, but what if you seek information.
Since information has accurate data and has a method attached to it and can be out to work effectively, acquiring them  may cost your weekend or holiday, sometimes it may cost your job, as you are hell bent on discovering some piece of information, it may cost a relationship and lots of emotions.

I am sure, if I would have dwelled deeper, I would have more insights, but then I got my answer and stopped there.

So do not fall into deception, what you are consuming is not information, it is news. Callibrate every piece which you are consuming with the above sinple yardsticks and stop wasting your time.

Stop consuming, start creating...

Life is short and if you think that you are going to have all the time in the world, then you are hugely mistaken...


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