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Not tonight honey...

I have completed one month of writing 5 posts a week and this has been my best blogging streak in last 9 years of blogging. Obviously, I am referring to the quantity only.

When people used to mention about the "Writer's Block", I was not able to comprehend, that how can someone, who has produced such great literary works, can just freeze at some moments and not being able to move the pen.

And when it happened with me, then I realised the pain. You know what to write, the list of topics are there, but you just cannot move your fingers. This is really amazing.

I mean here is a guy, who writes like a toddler and is suffering from the pain of "Writer's Block", what the pain would be of "THE" people?

Today morning, I was ready with a list of 3 topics on which I wanted to write, but then I started struggling with my Win7 m/c, then I had to travel out and everything went in the cold folder. When I came back, I just could not make myself to write anything. Th…

Moon Moon Insane?

I was reading a book today morning (I would not disclose the book's name, as then in my usual habit, I would jump the track and start discussing the book) and believe it or not, first time learnt that, actually there were 3 people aboard the Apollo 11 mission, which was the first lunar landing.

How dumb of me.

For quite a long time, during my childhood, I knew of only one name, Neil Armstrong and then I read somewhere that there was actually another poor guy, who just fell short a couple of steps, literally and Mr.Neil Armstrong is all that mostly people remember. This guy, Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know was Mr.Buzz Adlrin. By the way, he studied at MIT. What a bragging point it would have been for the world's best engineering college, that the world's first man to step on the moon studied there.

The 3rd man above the command module Columbia of Apollo11 mission was, Mr. Michael Collins. I was surprised at my ignorance and dumbfoundedness.

Immediately, the thought which came…

Where is your common sense?

This has to be last of the series on anything related to politics, till the general election results are announced. The mayhem after that would ensure that a couple of posts should be written on the spectacle unfolding after that.

At ripe old age of 36, I voted for the first time in my life. The apathy was gone. Though the constitution has put in place an option, wherer in you can reject every candidate and nullify your vote, but so far it was kind of too much of trouble.

After all, politics is the refuge of scoundrels and why to waste so much of energy and effort to tell that I did not like any of the scoundrels.

The apathy was gone because perhaps for the first time after independence, there was a remote possibility that few sincere people could be voted to governance. Not your regular run of the mill people, who when could not find any form of suitable employment, plunged into politics for the lure of the power, prestige and whethery they say it or not, money.

Yes I voted for AAP today…

Campaign As A Service...

One of the biggest business category of all in India are the elections.

There are all kind of elections from Panchayat Samiti, Municipal Elections, Assembly Elections, Parliamentary Elections. Then there are numerous trade union and worker union elections. And then there are university and college elections, which are basically primers for a candidate's entry into mainstream politics.

There are also the intra-party elections, sometimes.

There are so many elections that, most of the times, in some corner of this country, some election is going on.

Monetarily how big it is, one does not have a clear indication of it because no books are maintained as the entire campaign is funded from the black money of industrialists and businessmen.

For a primer, the media campaign budget for Congress and BJP in this election was around Rs.500 Crores. That is the legitimate amount which they are willing to admit, rest I leave it to your imagination. This was supposed to be different than what both the …

Why be perfect?

I would be completing 9 years of blogging in July 2014.

If I am not too wrong, Blogger was still the property of Ev Williams, rather than Google at that time.

Earlier, I had a brush with Geocity, where I created a page and would post some or other thing. Later Yahoo bought Geocity and I do not remember what happened to my page or account. Since that period, 2000 to 2005, I had no internet property of my own to call.

So when Blogger came, I latched on to it.

Later on as I started the company, I had the company blogs too, apart from the personal ones.

But yes, I used to and still write very lousy and most of the times I wonder, what would be the people's reaction going to be after reading my blog, specially of those ones, who have a blog of their own and write in such a succint manner.

Blogging for me was always a way of expression, wherein you just pent out, what has been bolted inside you and you could do it in a very subtle manner, many a times, even without wondering, who all are the…


I do not remember since when I started reading magazines exactly, but it was pertty early in my life.

My father used to bring magazines from his office's library and there were all kinds of them. Some of them have died, like The Illustrated Weekly of India. I used to absolutely love Frontline. The cold war was still on in those days and I was always on top of what is happening between the two countries and my school friends used to be astonished on my knowledge of the subject.

Sometimes he used to bring the hindi magazines also and my favourite was "Dharamyug" and "Maya". Once Maya had a big coverage of Nusli Wadia and Dhirubhai Ambani's rivalry and it just stoked my imagination for days.

And newspapers, there were tons of them. My father used to dabble in shares those days and I remember the ones like "Premium" and "Money". I would not understand the financial details, but I used to gorge on the company details, what different companies we…

One year without Facebook...

This follows my earlier post,about my attempt to reduce consumption of information and decrease the clutter in my life...

On Zero-hundred hours, 4th of April 2014 I completed one year without Facebook.

This was my second attempt at quitting Facebook. 

Once I tried earlier in 2012 as well. 

But I had come back to Facebook then because for my company, I had to make Facebook pages and also had to learn how Facebook advertising works and whether it is worth it or not(At least for Startups, Facebook is an incredibly stupid way to spend money).

Before I logged back in to Facebook again in 2012,I had written a Quora answer, on a question related to quitting Facebook. I guess at that moment, I was the second only person to post an answer.

One day I found a message from a very reputed journalist of Los Angeles Times, requesting me to answer some questions related to quitting Facebook. It was the times of Facebook IPO hitting the bourses.

People were feeding on anything and everything related to Faceb…

No news is good...

For brevity, the title of the post is different than what is there in the image and I would try to explain here why it is so…

People talk about  few addictions only which plague the human race like Nicotine, Alcohol, Marijuana; while there are so many others which are equally damaging subjectively.

Let us talk about “News”.

I used to read 4 newspapers daily, without fail. Then for the tech and startup related news, I used to be almost always on the top of Hacker News.

And if this was not enough then there was Twitter. (I have been on Twitter since 28th January 2008 but have deleted my account once and then made another one).

I had this constant urge of staying on top of everything and what the psychologists now call - FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

My brain was addicted to the constant stream of information (Did I miss those stupid emails).

All this while I was trying to build a company and a business, gosh that was so gross.

Many a months, even without watching any online movies or downlo…