Why no one is doing anything for Muzaffarnagar riot victims?

It is extremely shameful to read every day in newspapers about the plight of Muzaffarnagar riot victims. If moving out of the homes and losing near and dear ones was not enough, nature is also tormenting them in the best possible way.

Minimum temperatures are hovering around 3 degrees centigrade and are the lowest in that region.

While the media has been at the forefront of bringing to the fore the difficult times faced by thousands of people in this winter (at least print media is doing that, I am not sure about the News Channels, as I do not watch TV), what is extremely intriguing is that whay no one is doing anything...

On a closer inspection, everything becomes clear. Lets take this case by case...

A) Congress - : 

I am not sure what is happening at their end, probably they are too paralysed by the recent elections. While when the riots happened, honourable PM and the UPA Chairman Ms Gandhi were there, and were found shedding tears, just like it happens in the normal course of politics, all is forgotten.

It could have been a good opportunity for Congress to put SP on further back-burner and be up on the bargaining scale with them as far as the next election is coming, but it feels that Congress does not feel any need for that. SP has already lost a lot of blood in the recent past, since the riots and Congress feels safe now from the father-son duo.

Also, since riot victims who have migrated from their ancestral villages and homes are from one particular community, Congress now does not want to be seen as leaning too much into them, specially after it received flaks after the visit of PM and UPA Chairman after the riots, that the visits were only directed at a particular community and the other community was left in lurch. 

And yes, the biggest point here now is the slight rise of BJP in UP. For some years now, the politics of UP was dominated by "Mulayam-Behan" combine, leaving hardly anything for the rest of the two parties to celebrate, specially Congress.

With now SP on decline and nothing much to be said about BSP, the biggest gainer would be BJP and Congress does not want to be dragged into any blame game by BJP, where Congress could lose whatever is left out of its presence in the state.

B) BJP -:

BJP have some stooges from the minority community which include Mr Khan and Mr Naqvi, which help them negate some of their "communal" tag. Beyond that the utility of these gentlemen are nought.
I am not sure how Mr Khan and Mr Naqvi would be feeling now, not being able to do anything with what is happening in Muzaffarnagar? I guess "impotent" is the correct word.

Everywhere the the thirst for power, takes precedence and not human compassion. Muzaffarnagar riots were a grand re-entry of BJP in the state of UP and they do not want to dilute their standing of being the messiah of a particular community and the strong alternative to "Mulayam-Behan"  combine.

Also, it help them much if the conditions remain the same as the present SP government would be getting blamed for that, and with the rise of Modi mania, it is bound to benefit them more than Congress, which has become a pot of financial scandals.

C) SP -:

What foxes of it all is the fact that the party which has championed the cause of minority community and has won almost every single election on that promise, seems to be sitting idle, while being in the government.

The apathy cannot be more callous, when the district officials are themselves not sure of what is happening in the camps of the riot victims.

That very easily can be inferred that at the top, nobody is bothered, because if it was otherwise, then surely at least something would be moving.

But why?

There are two points which needs to be mentioned here-:

1) The internal failure of governance in the present SP governement. They are too bogged down by handling the everyday crisis and getting away from them, like the present shut down of sugar factories in the state that they probably do not have time for any other thing.

Also on the same lines, probably they realise that damage has been already done and whatever they do, it is not possible to mend the ways and bring the things pre-riot. So when there is no benefit to arise from it, why to strive and work towards it.

After all the father-son duo are not in politics for charity. Unless an act brings them benefit, they are not going to do that. So sit lull and do not expand any energy on it.

2) Again the rise of BJP, post riots. While now the muslims almost on the neck of father-son duo after riots, and realising that now nothing can be done to put the things back on burner, they now do not want to lose the the majority community's backward caste votes, which they have so furiously bought with their stupid populist schemes, like giving away laptops in a state in which electricity is not present even for one-fourth of the day.

So while no one is doing anything because it is not going to bring them any benefit or added benefit, the survivors of muzaffarnagar riots are suffering in camps, in frost-biting cold. Children are dying, but nobody is bothered.

This is the state of Politics in my country. Such are the people who rule my country, who are devoid of basic human emotion.

Such a shame...

Also, I am not sure any NGO is doing anything for the riot victims or for that matter it could have been good opportunity for the corporates to do something out of their CSR fund, over which there has been so much of debate.

This is where, something good could have been done for those people...

But people in those camps, the children would keep on dying, because no one is doing anything...


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