The trip to Mulshi on 17th November 2013...

Whether you believe in this or not, the most fun trips are those which have been planned impromptu, on the spur of the moment. That gives you the best thrill.

On 17th of November 2013, I went to Mulshi lake with three other friends for what you can say either a picnic or an outing.

Though we had been thinking about it for some time, like for couple of days, but nothing was certain. As a booper, I threw in this idea that wherever we go, lets cook out in the open only.

Till 2300 hrs on 16th November, everything was un-certain. For me, it was a big sacrifice, as going out means, I would not be able to do the "Daily Practise" of few stuff which I have off-late started as a habit.

But then, its just like, you win some and you lose some.

Cooking out would be an awesome experience.

The last time I cooked out in the open was in Goa in 2011 and at that time, myself and one other of my friend cooked with the help of stove, so it was kind of different.

We did not have any stove this time, that left the only option to cook on fire lit on wood.

So we discussed, what all we can cook, and for sanity sake we decided to keep it simple, like 2 dish at bare minimum because we were not sure, whether we would be able to get a fire going or not.

We sat down in the night, listed down the things which we need to take along, specially a couple of utensils, a frying pan, condiments and spices.

Since we were going besides the lake, so it was also planned that we will have bath there only.

Can anything be more amazing than having a bath in the lake and cooking at its shore, absolutely not...

Lighting the fire was still the main worry of the entire mission and one of the items I added was any sort of inflammable liquid which we can pick up from a hardware store, and yes, we would hunt for a store which sells wood, along the way...

We were behind a hour schedule, but we had a light breakfast and since it was a Sunday morning so not much of traffic was expected anyways on the road, so we were quite chilled.

At Pirangut, which is a small industrial town on the way, we stopped at around 0900 hrs to have cup of tea and pack up our supplied which included wood.

Luckily, we found both wood and the chemical "Motor Thinner", so we were now confident of having an amazing fire and a nice meal on top of it.

While we were purchasing other stuff, we decided to have a little bit of barbecue kind of thing also, as we had enough wood in 5 kgs of them.

So from a hardware store again we bought wire mesh, to place over the fire, on top of which we can place stuff like potatoes, tomatoes etc.

We picked fresh vegetables and chicken from Pirangut and moved on.

Any party cannot be complete till you have beer, and luckily, there is a beer shop just a bit short of our rendezvous point, which we know, because we have availed of its services earlier also.

We picked beer, which seemed enough for 4 people and stopped the vehicle at the RP.

Voila, because of plenty rains, the lake was brimming to the banks. I tried to hunt the place in the middle of water, where last time I had parked my bike, during summers. All I could see was water and water...

Good na !

We got all the stuff down from the vehicle, via a steep incline.

At our rendezvous point there is a small tree, which is very nice for shade and there are a few big rocks under it, which you can utilise for sitting on top of them or in our case, to cook food.

Well, we were not the only ones who had this "lake-side-cooking" idea.

Apparently, three stones were placed together beneath the tree and may be a couple of days back, a fire was indeed lit over there.

As soon as I kept all the stuff besides the tree, I started working on litting the fire, with the help of small twigs and other shrubs.

Thanks to the chemical, it did not took us long to lit the fire.

On top of the fire, went the wire mesh, and as the beer bottles opened, I kept potatoes and tomatoes on top of the mesh to cook.

Simultaneously, the other friend started working on marinating the chicken with eggs, for the real barbecue.

Well, there was one issue for sure, as we were using wood, there was smoke and it was putting everything black, like for that matter, at least the potatoes were all black by now.

So instead of putting the chicken pieces directly on the mesh, like the potatoes, we decided to stir fry them on the pan, to be on safer side.

One of my friend volunteered to make the chicken his style and then the rest three of us, went inside the lake to enjoy the cool waters...

Well, it is not allowed to be inside those waters, but then it is ok, once in a while to break the rules.

And we were called out as the chicken was ready, and boy, those butter stir fried, egg-white marinated chicken was so damn good, after a bit of lime was sprinkled on it.

And then after having another round of beer, went inside the lake again, but yes not too deep.

In this while eating everything, we felt that we can do with bit more of beer, and one of the friend was tasked to fetch it from about 1.5 kms far away. Luckily while coming down he got a hitch hike and we were spared of further agony.

You can almost see us, twitching in that sweet pain of waiting for the beer to come.

The view all around with mountains and water was surreal, like some kind of place in Kashmir or Switzerland. No, it was not beer, you got to visit the place to really feel that.

While the second round of beer was in progress, the final meal of veg pulav was to come into existence.

We already had potatoes, tomatoes, green peas ready.

At first we thought that 5 Kg of wood is too much, but this wood burnt so fast into charcoal that we barely managed to cook our veg pulav.

It was not like anything which is made in the kitchen, but it was surely among the top 1 percentile for anything cooked out int he jungle with limited means and accoutrements.

The vessel for the pulav fell short for cooking for 4 persons, and after pouring water regularily in the pulav and stirring it to get cooked, it was ready after some time.

It felt like heaven...

We did not wait for too long to sit and gossip besides the lake or for that matter, lie down a bit , which was my plan, as the other friends suggested that we go to LAvasa town which a was about one hour ride from where we were.

And thus ended an amazing lake side picnic, besides Mulshi !
The barbecue of potatoes and tomatoes

Egg dipped chicken being fried on our Chulha...


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