The biggest challenge of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)...

I never imagined in my life that I would be part of a political party, in any manner.

So far I have never met a politician, I do not remember seeing anyone either, except may be during their one of the obscene road-shows.

And yesterday, I registered for AAM AADMI PARTY, as a primary member.

I have been thinking of doing this for a long time, like millions of other people, but may be like due to millions of other people, I too had engagements.

I was too occupied in my Startup ventures, which were struggling even after full attention, but the Delhi election results changed all that.

I would not say that I was not one of the cynics, who said that what these guys could have done?

But at least, I was better than those people in Delhi, who even while living in city, were predicting almost a white-wash for AAP. While there are compulsions for the political class to claim that, even for educated and otherwise competent people, observing the events happening in their own city and still saying that, was , in plain language, stupid...

In between the ventures, when I shut down the last one and the next one has really not yet started, I decided to take the plunge in politics and enrolled as a member for AAP yesterday.

The reason to do that was nothing else, but to lend a credible hand in ensuring that monsters who rule our country presently, get decimated.

Long way back I had read that politics is the refuge of scoundrels and  it is time to re-write the adage.

Politics essentially means activities related with governance of a geographical area. Now, what it has come to mean, is no rocket-science. Politics, essentially now mean activities associated with ruling over a geographical area, like it was done in the ancient monolithic times, with raw and brute power.

While I was there at my first AAP meeting yesterday, I had the opportunity to closely observe, the various kinds of people who had come over there.

My primary objective for the first meeting that I was going to attend for AAP was this only-:

1. Profile the kind of people who are associating with the movement.

2. Gauge their motivation for joining this movement.

And both the above objectives were not for any scholastic purpose, it was for self introspection, and to calibrate whether I am a fit for this movement or not.

If I am not a fit, then there is no point in investing time in it, out of my time for my company. It is much easier and alternate way of supporting the movement by saving money and donating it to AAP.

I am nobody's judge and I am nobody to judge. All I can judge is whether it is fit for me or not. Thats it.

So I went on first profiling people, which was much easier to do, as it has been read about and watched on TV.
Mostly there were senior people and there were youngsters. The middle profile of people like me were less to be seen.

The seniors have all the time in the world or may be they have been filled with guilt now after spending 50-60 or may be 70 years of their life in self-indulgence and selfish pursuits, that they did not do anything for the society or country, or whatever.

The youngsters are next to be seen, basically people younger to me by 10 odd years or lesser (I am presently at 36). The reasons are obvious for their involvement. They see it as a revolution and a way to change the country and the way stuff works over here for past few decades.

But is it all?

The biggest challenge for AAP(Aam Aadmi Party) is not from the likes of CONG / BJP / SP / BSP / NCP / SS / MNS or scoundrels from other parties, they are all minnows in front of AAP.

The biggest challenge of AAP would come from within.

For this we have to look a bit into details about motivation of people for joining politics. There are two clear reflections about people joining politics in the country...

a) Its hereditary and dynasty. So if it is in your family, then one would definitely join.

b) There are scoundrels who do not have anything else to do, or are not worthy of doing anything else, and find it the easiest way to devour money and power and earn some sort of credible respect.

There is no third motivation or reflection about people joining politics. As the definition of Politics changed and so does the motivation for joining it.

Earlier it was governance and "Desh-Sewa" and now it is all about power and "Self-Sewa".

The recent win of AAP in delhi elections have proved that people from very "AAM" background can go on to be come MLAs. And suddenly "Politics" has become a first career option for a lot of people.

Thanks to "AAM AADMI PARTY", even a aam aadmi can now dream to become a MLA / MP.

In Delhi, all the volunteers and members of AAP came together to make a change in governance, there was no aspiration or motivation other than that.

But the win of AAP has again brought forward the motivations and aspirations of people and this time it has been done in mass scale or rather "AAM" scale.

While there are people who are joining AAP for bringing the change in governance of their area / city, there are also people who believe that they have a chance now to join the political bandwagon and come to  a position of power.

I saw scores of such people, demonstrating in one or other way (I am not pointing out the details here) their eagerness to join the AAP, at least to come in a position of power, if not money.

People who have come to their first AAP meeting and seeing themselves fit of being part of the committee running the district affairs.

Again, another race?

Why politics is ruined today?

Because, everyone is in a race for top. A blind race. While LK Advani, wants to be the PM, so does Narendra Modi and Shivraj Chouhan. Not to mention, Gadkari...

And there is an example in each party and then there are several party, and so there you have the domino effect for ruining a perfect country.

When people will come with an aspiration to join AAP for a position of power, rather than bringing a change in governance and serving the country, things would go the same way, as it has been for other parties.

AAP is now different than it was the day the results of Delhi elections were announced.

No longer people want to join for bringing a change in governance, there are people who are now dreaming themselves in a seat of power, by going through the AAP way.

While AAP managed to select its candidates and its key people very meritoriously and meticulously for Delhi election, its biggest challenge is to keep on doing it in the same perfect manner, for all the districts of the country.

This is the biggest scaling up problem (as they say in the startup world) for AAP. Its not money, it would always get enough money to  make its way through.

Its all about the right people, who are not looking for any position of power or money, but just want to change the governance and serve the country.

And the challenge with AAP is that there are not enough people in this country who would work for AAP without any consideration or selfish thoughts, without dreaming or demanding for any position of power.

After all, if there would have been, this country would not have gone to dogs.

There are people who do not want to do anything with politics, because they have their own life, defined by the society. And then there are people who want to  be in politics, because they would get power and money.

And power corrupts...

The biggest challenge for AAP is the people, it has to get the people right , everytime in all the locations, if it has to make a dent in parliamentary elections.

It need people of pre-AAP-Delhi election results, and not post-AAP-Delhi election result.


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