Salman Khurshid would never be able to enter the current parliament again...

Salman Khurshid, himself an eminent poet/writer , has probably not heard of a prominent couplet in Urdu, "Josh mein aa kar, hosh nahin khona chahiye". Translated, what it means is that, "You should not lose your sanity, in excitement."

But then, laws are different in India. Even if it is a common adage, knd of thing.

If you are in the upper echelons, you can get away with almost anything and everything. Just a few moment ago, I read in the news paper that Maharashtra Cabinet has rejected the Adarsh Committee report, while sitting on its ass for months, deliberating whether to table the report or not, even after repeated reminders by the courts.

In the same vein, Maharashtra governor denied permission to prosecute Ashok Chavan in the same case.

There is another couplet in hindi "Chor-chor mauserey bhai!" , which when translated means that "Thieves are in arms as brothers, when it comes to saving each other."

So Mr Salman Khurshid thought that the above couplet was probably coined for lesser mortals and he can do and act , completely opposite to that.

He is almost on the verge of eating his words...

The question about the entire episode of  Devyani Khobragade, is why she took a maid with herself to US of A?

If one closely looks into this question, then everything becomes clear and what US of A is doing currently now is perfectly justified and proper. This is irrespective of what Mr Salman Khurshid and his cronies in Foreign Affairs department believe.

Most hilarious of everything that has happened in recent memories regarding the Devyani episode is the statement of Behan Mayawati, that Devyani was being prosecuted because she is from the backward caste.

I mean, sincerely the woman has gone nuts, to say it with respect. A  woman, doing public service for years, who has amassed assets worth billion of dollars, by gulping tax payer's public money, can make such a stupid and non-sense statement only.

At the hindsight, Behan would be thanking her stars that she was not born in US of A.

Ok, enough of garbage, lets get back to the point...

So Why Devyani took Miss Richards to US of A?

Are the domestic helps and maids not available there?

Of course they are available there, but unlike in India where you can brutally assault, almost murder your domestic help, if you are a sitting Member of Parliament of Behan's political party, the law is equal for everyone in US of A.

Oh God, now I am almost on the verge of puking by addressing that woman as "Behan", which in Hindi means "Sister". I'd rather shoot myself, than address her again like that. For brevity, I would address her as "Maya".  

So the laws in the United States of America, unlike the antiquated labour laws of India are potent and provide strong protection, even to those people who are employed in such so called lowly jobs in India.

There is dignity for labour in US of A, unlike India. And all are equal. Also, the people who are entrusted with the duty of upholding the rule of the land in US of A, are honest and hard-working persons and not running behind every opportunity to earn money by bribes and other illegal means. Their actions are not governed and motivated by money, rather than with the noble thought of not letting anyone violate the rule of the land, however big or small the concerned person  is.

In India, the labour commissioners and there staff go out for inspection of offices and companies only when they require bribes, like when the month is ending or if there is some festive occasion, where they can definitely do with some extra cash. Rest of the time, you can find them inside their offices gossiping over tea, or outside their offices, at the numerous paan shops, ie if they have decided to grace the office by their presence, that day. 

Anyone can get away with anything with these guys, by bribing them. No need to get into details of state of labourers and helps, in millions of small establishments and factories in India, otherwise we would need to write another Wikipedia.

So Ms Devyani, born and brought up in a traditional bureaucrat family and having seen all this throughout her life, and herself acting like that, when she did perjury while applying for the Adarsh flat,  thought that she can get away with all that. 

Very easy, promise the salary for 8 hours work, and since the maid is living in the house, so she is basically at the beck and call for almost 24 hours.

Also, have two separate contracts, one to show everybody and one on the basis of which you pay.

The lame argument that, Govt of India paid for the tickets and some other sundry items of Miss Richard is hilarious too. The employment contract was not between Govt of India and Miss Richards, it was between her and Ms Devyani.

So you cannot calculate the value of tickets and everything else provided by Govt of India to Miss Richards as part of her compensation.

Mr Salman Khurshid, it is plain and simple. It does not take a IFS to understand that.

For Ms Devyani, having a 24 hour help or maid in the US of A, which is a US citizen or have a US work permit, would entail paying USD 240 per day, even supposing that it is legal for such person to work 24 hours or 19 hours, which Miss Richards claimed to have worked for 6 days a week; which is not. At that rate, she had to at least sell of her Adarsh building flat in Mumbai to just pay off the maid's bill.

So the easier way out, hire an Indian maid. Pay her nominally high wages and she is there with you 24 hours.

The point is not about Ms Devyani's prosecution, which is absolutely justified. Mr Kamalnath said that India cannot be treated like a banana republic. Of course Mr Kamalnath, India cannot be treated like a Banana republic, because thanks to politicians and bureaucracy, it is already a banana republic.

The point is about the wages being promised to her and not paid to her.

The point is about the working hours as per the contract with Ms Devyani and Ms Richards.

You just cannot promise someone false wages and false working hours, basis of which you get that person a visa, and then go back on the promise.

Imagine, everyone filling up the visa application and giving details about earning millions in US of A and then ending up as a liability for the country.

If you just look into the question of why Ms Devyani needed to bring a maid with her to US of A, you can immediately sense that it is a perfect case of perjury. Everything was done knowingly and willingly by her.

Only stuff she forgot that US of A is unlike India, where her father served as a bureaucrat and facilitated in the building of Adarsh flat and in return got a flat for her daughter. Imagine, this guy crying wolf and threatening to do fast-unto-death, like Anna Hazare. Dude, go get a life.

Since in India, people are used to bending laws and taking it in their stride, they believe that same is the case everywhere. Thankfully, this planet is still a bit sane, because not every country allows itself being taken over as banana republic by politicians and people in higher echelons.

Miss Devyani is bound to be doomed and as this is written, thousands of Indian diplomats and may be from other countries as well, would be re-writing the employment contracts with their helps and would be starting to pay them the minimum wages of the host country.

Thanks to Devyani, the coming year is going to be a very happy one for many of those helps employed in foreign embassies and consulates abroad.

As far as Salman Khurshid, he is not dumb, he is smart.

He knows that the current government would call for early elections and there would not be any other parliament session and hence as it is he would not be coming to parliament as it is, so why not have this bravado for the last moment...

Instead of crying wolf over US of A, Mr Salman Khurshid, please have a look at the state of affairs in your own country and how that happened.

What US of A is doing is right, go and eat your word and never enter parliament again...


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