All my lords are cowering behind the benches...

The judiciary which has often proved to be the only saving grace for this country, has not only let itself down but millions of people in this country, whose last hope has often been judiciary, after being beaten around by both the executive and bureaucracy.

But what has happened recently in the case of Justice Ganguly molestation and sexual assault case, and the way the entire judiciary, specially the brethren of Justice Ganguly, higher up in the echelons of Supreme Court of India have behaved has really surprised everyone.

Supreme Court shocked by one of their own indulging in such deplorable and detestable practise, is trying to get away by just instituting an enquiry and publishing its result. The most hilarious aspect is that the Supreme Court's own enquiry has indicted Justice Ganguly, but still no one in the entire judiciary is advocating for any action?

The question which the country is now asking is that, does even judiciary believes in double standards? The judiciary which as been long accusing both the executive and bureaucracy of double standards, is now itself displaying standards of the lowest standard.

There has been a lot of hue and cry across the country, with everyone demanding the resignation of Justice Ganguly from West Bengal Human Rights Commission (it is even hilarious that after outraging the modesty of a woman, he is continuing as the chairman), but the judiciary which is known to be taking suo moto action very pro-actively in such cases, si found to be sitting like a dud duck.

The question is why?

The easiest answer is that once either Justice Ganguly admits the guilt or the "My Lords" Supreme Court themselves intervene and ask Mr Ganguly to step down morally, the stand so far being taken by the judiciary of being "holier than thou"  against both the executive and judiciary and projecting itself as the lone vanguard of the moral and ethical values of the country would be lost forever.

That would be a blemish which would be very difficult to remove and and in the long drawn battle of executive and bureaucracy against  judiciary, specially in the last 5 odd years or so, the formers would be having an upper hand, for a long time to come.

While the brethren of Justice Ganguly could counter that this could led to a flood-gate of false accusation and threats even against sitting judges and other persons from judiciary, the fact is that, if that was to happen, nobody would have waited for such an incident to happen to jump on the golden opportunity.

This is just a lame excuse on part of judiciary and it does not validate the action they have taken so far against Ganguly.

The stand Ganguly has taken so far himself is unfit of the posts he has held so far or for that matter he is currently holding. In spite of being proved of his mis-demeanour by his own brethren, he has gone into a long spell of denial (holier than thou), which comes from years of false superiority complex that judiciary has over the other two branches.

Also it seems that ego of Ganguly has been deeply hurt, that how can someone has the courage to accuse a judge from supreme court.

The best part on judiciary to restore its credibility and faith among the people of India again, would be to admit that there are black sheep and rotten apple everywhere, and this is one of the isolated incidents where the things went wrong, and should not be taken as something which is prevalent and routine.

As the vanguard of constitutional rights of people of the country, the SC should advocate immediate action against Justice Ganguly and hence prove that at least as far as judiciary is concerned , there are no double standards and when it comes to upholding the law of the country, judiciary can swiftly punish, even one of their own.

While what happens to Ganguly (Why still address him as "Justice"?) is only a matter of time, but if the things have to be set in the motion by Honourable President on the advice of cabinet, then this is bound to give a very wrong signal to one and all.

Also, it would give the bureaucracy an upper hand, and they can always point to the fact that, the branch accusing them of favouritism and double standards themselves have indulged in the same practises.

This would be much more damaging for the judiciary than just recommending the honourable President to take action against Ganguly.

Also, it would be nice to hear from Mr Altamash Kabir, the ex-CJI of Supreme Court, what his opinion is now about Mr Ganguly?

Of everyone, Ganguly has embarrassed the ex-CJI the most and one can easily wonder, how the ex-CJI would be feeling when he sees or reads anything against the ongoing case.

The longer the judiciary takes to keep mum and dud on this case, the things would be more and more shameful for them, and would allow the other two branches to take a more aggressive approach to some of the decision which the apex court may pass in some of the pending cases or in the cases to be heard in future.

This also demonstrates that how the protection offered by the constitution to such authorities to enable them to discharge their duties efficiently and effectively, itself becomes and handicap, when the authority itself becomes rogue and starts taking advantage of his/her immunity.

Also, the stand taken by Mamta government in this case is something which cannot be ignored, considering the awful human rights record by her government, she was one of the first to ask for action against Ganguly.

Probablyt Mamta found this a golden opportunity to get absolved of her all the mistakes and wrongdoings she has done so far, specially in the cases involving the women in the state, starting from the Kolkota rape case and the removal of the women police officer who was investigating the case...

In the end, it is the judiciary which is losing all its credibility and respect, if it fails to act soon on Ganguly...


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