Why do people donate money in temples?

I have been thinking on this after reading about the cash / kind collections at the two big temples in Maharashtra, where the annual collections go in hundreds of Crores.

Does God need money?

If Yes, then how do you get to know that money has reached in proper hands?

If Not, then why do you go out and put in millions(rupees) in there?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the money you put in that hundi? Apart rfom a bright new shining silver hat (mukut) for the lord, or shiny new gold ornaments? Or, the ever increasing circumference of lower abdomen of the temple priests?

If you get into thinking all that, before you go crazy, you'd think that I am crazy.

May be...

Here are my reasons, and I am sure that you would agree with all of them...

Can you think of some more?

1. To bribe God in order to get their sins absolved.

2. To feel good.

3. To get rid of ill-gotten money.

4. Charity.

5. Support a religion / sect.

6. Peer pressure.

7. To bribe God in order to get their wishes fulfilled.

8. God asked for money in their dreams as there is financial crisis in the heaven.

9. It is the easiest social act to do.

10. To bribe God in order to tide over difficult times.


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