My tryst with Starbucks...

Starbucks was the talk of the town on Twitter, the day it started operations in India, in Mumbai. Apparently, there were half a mile long que to get it fabled cappuccino.

I was not sure that the chain would open its outlet in Pune so soon, as going by the usual route taken by the other chains and the coffee store, it is first the metros and then the other hip cities. Even Bangalore ranks, ahead of Pune in these matters. In some cases, Bangalore ranks ahead of others too, like Mumbai and Delhi; if you see the case of Taco Bell outlets, there are outlets only in Bangalore as of now, or if that information ahs changed then at least they started with Bangalore.

Again, thanks to Twitter and a financial newspaper, I had come to know that Starbucks has opened their outlet in Pune and then was surprised to know that they have infcat in a short span of time, opened another outlet.

Devoid of any company, and considering the fact that during those days, I was mostly confined to the rustic and boring surroundings of mine, accept some usual Sunday bike rides, I was not sure when my Tryst with destiny will happen.

And then as they say, to everything turn turn turn; wait actually that's a song from The Byrds, an indoor  meeting turned into an outdoor one and luckily we being in the vicnity of the second outlet opened in Pune, we landed there.

At present I was wary of entering the outlet, as I thought that items would be priced expensive, but then was informed that they do take premium but it is not in any way in the league of Costa Coffee and such.

So I decided to take a deep breath and enter at my own risk.

Also, that decision was bit easier as that day I knew that I would not have to pay anything, but still, you know, you have to be gracious enough to let the host know, that you are not in a "eat as much as you can" mode.

I must say, the ambience is par excellent compared to any of the Coffee outlets I have been, even much better than Costa.

And then instead of having my ususal "Americano", which I was not sure whether it was served here or not (later came to know, that they do serve it here), I decided to go for the famous coffee brew of Cappuccino.

And yes, there was the distinct taste and it kind of melted in the mouth with a nice aroma coming in there, I am not sure I ate that or I drank that.

Whatever way you say, It was lovely.

And that's the story of a saturday and since then I have been here every saturday.

Its another story that it is made possible that since that Saturday, I have also started working out in a shared office and my days do not suck like the usual manner, and also it is much easier to move out when you are already outside your confines.

Also, since the day I have been coming alone, I have been having my usual "Americano" which is availabl here, and while it tasted bitter in the other Coffee shops, it actually tastes like Coffee.

Also, one stuff which I like here is, which what makes Starbucks "Starbucks" is that it is not meant only for conversations and meeting point, it is also meant to be a place where in you can just drop in and while having coffee, you can actually work.

So there are plug-points at almost all the tables, very conveniently located, and some of the tall tables are in fact excellent for working.

In other cafes, there used to be only a couple of plug-points and usually if you are not the early bird, then they would be occupied and you would find few people, holding their m/c  with that longing looks in their eyes, for the plug-points to get un-occupied.

Also, the way they have kept the electrical outlets to a minimum in those Cafes, I almost used to feel guilty while using their plug-points, sometimes it almost felt like I am stealing their electricity...

It is none of that way, here with Starbucks, as I comfortably type this blog, sitting ... 


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