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Why people start young with Chess?

I played Chess almost the entire day yesterday and its not the first time that I started or wanted to play it.

Once earlier also, I started playing, may be read the basic rules, downloaded some Chess apps on the tablet and then, like with most of the things in my life, which I started but never managed to finish, they just went into the deep confines of my mental block silos.
While I used to hunt for some of the apps on the android tablet which I used to regularily use, I would come across the Chess app and I would not even try to open it, in fact it was like I was, I was kind of loathing it.
And then the inevitable finally happened one day, I deleted the app. 
It was poking into my eyes, reminding me of my failure of being able to learn it.
This time it is very different and it has become kind of addiction to me, though going by my own experience so far in 36 years, it is very difficult to say in just two days to say, that whether this stuff has got me hooked or not, or for that matter, i…

The Clowns...

You meet different kinds of people in this world, one can always argue that of 6 billion plus people on this planet, the first statement is bound to be true.

And then sometimes, when you have met often number of people, it is easy to put few people in relatively smaller number of buckets, than 6 billion.
One of these buckets, I have decided to name Crappy !
Well, as the name suggest, the people in this bucket, are thats what...
It has not been a recent invention of mine, the "Crappy" bucket ie, it follows an incident which happened just about 4 days back.
I would not dwell deep into the incident or for that matter that person, but rather I had try to explain the characteristics of that person, and may be then it would be easier for the reader to guess, what would have happened...
So these are basically the kind of people, who would have lived utterly boring stereotypical life of getting an education / may be not, then getting a job, getting married, having kids and being a slave.

The trip to Mulshi on 17th November 2013...

Whether you believe in this or not, the most fun trips are those which have been planned impromptu, on the spur of the moment. That gives you the best thrill.

On 17th of November 2013, I went to Mulshi lake with three other friends for what you can say either a picnic or an outing.
Though we had been thinking about it for some time, like for couple of days, but nothing was certain. As a booper, I threw in this idea that wherever we go, lets cook out in the open only.
Till 2300 hrs on 16th November, everything was un-certain. For me, it was a big sacrifice, as going out means, I would not be able to do the "Daily Practise" of few stuff which I have off-late started as a habit.
But then, its just like, you win some and you lose some.
Cooking out would be an awesome experience.
The last time I cooked out in the open was in Goa in 2011 and at that time, myself and one other of my friend cooked with the help of stove, so it was kind of different.
We did not have any stove this ti…

Why do people donate money in temples?

I have been thinking on this after reading about the cash / kind collections at the two big temples in Maharashtra, where the annual collections go in hundreds of Crores.
Does God need money?
If Yes, then how do you get to know that money has reached in proper hands?
If Not, then why do you go out and put in millions(rupees) in there?
Have you ever wondered what happened to the money you put in that hundi? Apart rfom a bright new shining silver hat (mukut) for the lord, or shiny new gold ornaments? Or, the ever increasing circumference of lower abdomen of the temple priests?
If you get into thinking all that, before you go crazy, you'd think that I am crazy.
May be...
Here are my reasons, and I am sure that you would agree with all of them...
Can you think of some more?

1. To bribe God in order to get their sins absolved.
2. To feel good.
3. To get rid of ill-gotten money.
4. Charity.
5. Support a reli