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Who is cooking at mid-night?

I shifted to a new place sometime back, in and around there are a couple of caterers.

Off-late, every night around 0130-0300 hrs, suddenly a very nice aroma erupts out of nowhere. The kind of aroma, which I can vouch is even better than what can come from Mom's kitchen.

Something like some real top-shot chef cooking.

This aroma is always kind of , of one dish cooking. You can figure this out as there are no conflicts, it stays the same as time goes by...

And it goes away, as it had come, just like that... Say, in between, 20 mins to half hour.

I am sure, no one just gets up and starts cooking past mid-night. Even if there is a party/marriage the next day, people want fresh stuff and cooking at most will start the next day morning.

I often go to fetch newspapers in the morning (the day I feel like reading one), and have made rounds of those couple of caterers while coming back to my place, they are all shut.

I mean there is no point in cooking stuff in kind of an hour or so and then shutt…