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Charlie Company of 13th Kumaon and the Battle of Rezaang La

‎1. Rezaang La Pass, Chushul Valley, near Leh. Elevation - 17000 ft. The last stand of "Charlie Company", 13th Kumaon Regiment. 18th November 1962.

2. "C" Company of 123 men is led by Major Shaitan Singh (Param Vir Chakra - Posthumous).

3. A company formation, fights to the last man standing, to almost a regiment level Chinese assault which begins at 0330 hrs on 18th Nov 1962.
4. The official citation of PVC awarded to Maj Shaitan Singh reads " for every man lost to us, the enemy lost four or five". Un-official eye-witness records puts it to 2500 enemy soldiers killed.

5. In hand-to-hand combat after Chinese run over the post, Naik Singh Ram (Vir Chakra - Posthumous) killed 10 enemy soldiers by smashing their heads against the stones.
When his body was later discovered, it was covered with a blanket and his bayonet and helmet were placed next to it. That was a gesture of homage by the enemy.

6. 109 soldiers of Charlie Company out of 123 me…