Satya Mev Non-Jayate . . .

When I first read about the Aamir Khan's first venture on television, I somehow guessed what it could be.

After all it was not very difficult to figure it out from the tag-line of the show, which I read on one of the city bus - "Jab dil pey lagegi, tabhi baat banegi".

I did not watch last sunday's episode, which was the first one, as I was engaged in doing something else, but I could listen to what was going on the show.

Female foeticide or "Saving girls" is not something new to us. Right since our childhood we have been reading and listening about it.
Everyone talks about it and vouches for it but the status quo remains the same.

How callous have been our attitude towards is that, there has not been any kind of law enacted, even after so many years, which bars people from such barbaric activity.

Since last one week there has been huge activity on the issue, the twitter stream, last sunday had been people going bonkers and over-sentimental over the issue.

There has been reports of some of the state governments issuing directives which shall help in somewhat curbing this practise.

All this is good...

These social menaces which are always there on the back of our mind are being brought forward with a new vigour in changing times, so that we are motivated to do something for it.

But, this is not Satya Mev Jayate.

This is Satya Mev Non-Jayate!

While the cause of the program is very just and should be appreciated, the "For profit" nature of it dilutes all the endeavour it is trying to accomplish.

When you put on television, people who have been utterly wronged in their lives to gain TRPs and display TVCs at high rates, it is grossly un-fair to everyone.

You are using someone's plight to gain exorbitant profit.

Nothing could be more shameful than that.

If you are really so concerned about these social issues, then make it a real social endeavour, by making the entire program "Not for profit".

In fact, I can actually list down almost all the topics, on which the next episodes will be based, I guess most of you can do that also.

I did not watch the first episode and I wont watch the next ones too.

I watch few sorry people on sunday, get saddened by their state of affairs, and someone walks to the bank laughing, every monday.

My state becomes as miserable as that of the people who have been put on the show.

They have been used and abused in their lives.

I would also have felt used and abused, had I would have watch the show.

I decided against.

Its upto you, whether you want to be used and abused!

Satya Mev Non-Jayate!!!


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