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"Poriborton" Mamta style ...

Disclaimer-: The author is not associated with any political organisation, and confirms that this blog-post is not a conspiracy against either Mamta Banerjee or West Bengal government !

I just could not resist myself writing this, after I read about the Mamta's latest way to make "Poriborton" in west Bengal in todays's newspaper !

I am baffled, why the anguish and outrage over what Mamta has done, ordering the arrest of he elderly professor of one of the most distinguished university of India.

After all, its a "Poriborton" act. Earlier, during the marxist regime, freedom of speech was allowed and now Mamta is doing a "Poriborton" to it.

And all those people who voted for her and routed the marxist, wanted "Poriborton" and there she is delivering as per her promise.

So why are you crying...

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