Do you know where your company's directors partied last night?

In last few days, there has been a lot of furor over the news that some of the employers are asking the prospective employees, to share their facebook account password!

Earlier as an employee and now on the verge of being an employer, I detest this idea/practice.

I mean what these employers are thinking, "They are king and prospective employee is cock?".

If they have all the right to screen the employees, using such seriously deranged and insane process, have they look their own disclosure practice, to shareholders and employees.

I do not think that there is an organisation , which bares all to the shareholders and employees, the truth, and whole truth. There could be organisations, who do better comparatively than others, but nobody reveals the exact truth.

Then how come they expect a prospective employee to bare his facebook account password, I mean this is hilarious. I am sure, someone has sued these companies already, if I would have been one of those candidates, I would have surely done that.

The employee-employer relationship has been always tilted heavily in the favour of the later, unless in a few cases, wherein a Star-Performer gets an entry on his own terms and conditions.

Try asking routine questions to an employer during process, like future strategy and expansion plans, next 10 year deliverable plans of the company etc and you would be scoffed like anything and most probably you would be rejected outright; and these very same companies want to know the most intricate details about a prospective employees private life.

Facebook has been very prompt in declaring that it would sue any such employer, if they come to know of this, and its a very credible thing to do.

I do not think after all, that any of us asked to an employer in any of the interviews that, where the Directors of the company spent their last vacations, who their friends are and what their likes or dislikes or hows their alter-life like?

As an employee's personal life may sometimes affect his performance at work, in the same way a company's management, shareholder's actions impact an employee's life, and the impact is much more than in the previous case.

An employee affects the organisation in only one instance, while an employer's actions affects a whole bunch of people, who are in any way associated with that employee.

So who is more accountable for full transparent disclosure, the employee or the employer?

I am sure if an employer wants to know the facebook account password of yours, you ask the facebook account passwords of all the directors in turn, or sue them!


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