The Gist of deliverables for 2012

Like almost all the other people, I too used to have a couple of new year resolutions, which I never used to keep for more than a couple of days guess.

First time in my life, I have made a comprehensive gist of deliverables on GitHub, divided into both personal and professional lists.

They are very ambitious, but I might not have too much of time on hand left, after all you never know.

On the same gist of mine, I am going to update my achievements too, so everything will be there at one place.

I could have written a separate blog, after all its almost the similar amout of effort, but the best part of a Gist is the version control similar to GitHub.

In fact, I started acting on it right from today.

Occasionally, I would keep on updating here too, how my goals are being met...

Whomsoever is reading this, Happy New Year and Chase your dreams...


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