Doing my social bit...

One of the perks (if I shall say) of working as an entrepreneur is that during the course of your journey, you get an opportunity to influence and help people socially.

It has been just about a couple of days since I took Vikreyta to market, and I have one of such opportunity to do my bit to the society.

Day before yesterday, I signed up one of the small merchants having a "Gifts and Novelty Items" shop. This guy is studying in Class 12th in commerce stream from an English medium school.

After talking to him, I found out that he belongs to the state of Rajasthan and a family of business-man and do not want to work as a businessman.

He told me that he has his "Board Exams" in February and needs help in Accounting and English subjects, and moreso in English, both written and in conversation.

I told him that I would help him in English at least, as being an Engineer, I am not conversed with Accounting subject.

He called me up tomorrow and I asked him to come to my office( which is very close to his store) and that we can startt working on his English skills from 10th of October 2011.

He seemed very excited and happy.

And that made me happy too...

While I demoed him Vikreyta and took his data, he asked me to show, how the data is uploaded and how his data would look like on the site, and I did it in front of him, right at the POS.

I am looking forward to teaching him and make a better future of him.

NOTE-: The image which you see here is the one which I uploaded on Vikreyta as part of his offering.

Even, if I could influence one life, I would be very happy and would at peace, that I did something worthwhile in life...


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