3G in India is a big misnomer...

About a week back, my old mobile boradband connection stopped working and in a hurry I had to go and search for a new connection.

While opting for the same one, was an option but even though being a "Telecom", so far I had not experienced any of the 3G product and decided to give it a try, moreso because the cost of the device was at least the same.

So I bought a Tata Docomo 3G and the heading of this post will sum up my experience.

Thankfully, in my area the signal strength was good {most people rue about this}, but I dont think that this really matters, as what matters is your link speed.

When you got to buy this stuff, they test your device on "Speedtest.net" . I firmly believe now that this particular test or service is entirely fake.

At the shopfloor, it showed my device having a down link speed of more than 7 MBPS, and when I reached home, with the same signal strength I never got more than 2.2 MBPS and that also, was like a flicker in a pan.

So connection speed of at least Tata Docomo 3G e-stick is a complete damper, they should rather re-name it as one of the other mobile broadband device, till they fix this speed thing.

And now the one thing which got me go bonkers was that during middle of the night almost every day, the service was down for periods more than half-hour. I dont know these Tata Docomo guys go for a smoke-break or a siesta during those intervals, but it happens regularily, and every day.
However you try and whatever you do, it does not coneects in less than 30 minutes.

It is so frustrating, you are in the middle of something, and it goes kaput, without any warning obviously.

I guess, may be they have an AI inbuilt which knows that you have been working tirelessly for long durations and need a break. So thankful and insightful of them, but still it would have been better, if they would have given me an option to choose...

And since you have paid about USD 45 for the device, its not very easy to for any other service immediately, as for the same, you need to buy another device and that will cost roughly the same.

I guess they have a policy for refund in 5 days, in case you dont like the service. I dropped a SMS regarding the same before going all the way to their store to the guy who attended me at the store [I have known him previously] . There was no response for more than 24 hours, and then I decided may be I should call it a funeral and shed a tear or two...

To sum up, in about one week, usually I got speeds in less than 300kbps and sometimes as low as 6-7 Kbps. And the connection, well the downlink was the master of its own and it went down on its own whims and fancies...
No more any 3G device for me for a long time to come. ITs such a big misnomer...I am so happy with EDGE as of now.

May be all these Telecom companies paid heavily for  3G licenses and bribes to get those licenses and were left little to build the infrastructure, in that case I really sympathise with them and may be use this service for another month or so, or till I exhaust my data limits...

I just got enamoured by all this hoopla, but then its ok, at least I got to experience this 3G misnomer.

Well, what else can I say now, apart from these comforting words :O(


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