PARA Ashok Chakra Awardees...

  • Captain AS Jasrotia, AC, SM (Posthumous) 

On 15th September 1995 Captainj Jasrotia, SM of 9 PARA (SF) while leading his team in Lolab Valley, J&K came under heavy rocket and small arm fire.

 In order to extricate his men, this brave officer crawled forward and inspite of being injured gravely killed one terroist with his commando knife and neutralized the other terrorist by lobbing grenades.

 His brave and gallant action gave oppurtunity for his comrades to take cover and engage the remaining terrorists effectively.

 In the ensuing firefight the brave officer succumbed to his injuries. However in retaliation the commandos eliminated all remaining terrorists.

 For his gallant action Captain Arun Jasrotia was awarded with the highest peace time gallantry award of ASHOK CHAKRA posthumously. 

  •  Major Sudhir Kumar Walia, AC, SM and Bar (Posthumous) 
On 29th August, Major Sudhir Kumar Walia with a squad of five commandos was on a "Search and Destory" mission in the dense jungle of "Hafruda Forest" in Kupwara district, J&K.

 The squad suddenly chanced upon a well camouflaged hide out having twenty terrorists. Maj Sudhir Kumar surged ahead of his squad and taking advantage of the element of surprize, neutralised the sentries and single handedly killed four militants.

 Inspite of the grave injuries during this gallant action, which were to prove fatal, the brave officer kept directing his men with his radio set and ultimately ensured that the terrorists were eliminated. 

This gallant officer went beyond the call of duty and in the highest tradition of the Army sacrificed his life for the country, for which he was awarded the highest peace time gallantry award of ASHOK CHAKRA posthumously.

  • Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri, AC (Posthumous) 
Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri of 9 PARA (SF) was part of a team tasked for carrying out operations on terrorist location at "Hill Kaka" (J&K) on 22nd April 2003.

 The commandos while approaching the terrorist hide out drew heavy automatic fire. Sensing danger for his comrades Sanjog assaulted the hideout and killed one terrorist. Inspite of being wounded and bleeding profusely the young commando kept on assaulting till he shot and killed one more terrorist.

 By his gallant action Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri provided chance for his comrades to engage the remaining terrorists effectively, how ever he succumbed to his injuries.

 The team of commandos in retaliation killed all the remaining thirteen terrorists.

 For his brave action Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri was awarded the highest peace time gallantry award of ASHOK CHAKRA posthumously.

On 07 Mar 07, Captain Harshan R, while leading a small team, observed suspicious movement in Kaingur Nar MT-3245.

Using his field craft skills the officer crawled into the underbrush and eliminated one terrorist at point blank range.  The other terrorist immediately opened heavy fire on Harshan at which the officer charged under fire and shot him too thus single handedly eliminating two terrorists. 

On 20 Mar 07, on specific input of Chotimargi MT-3448, Captain Harshan, unmindful of continuous snowfall, cordoned off the suspect house with his troops.

 At 0350 hours, four terrorists rushed out firing towards Harshan and his buddy.  Despite being outnumbered, Harshan displayed steel nerves and killed the leading terrorist on the spot but received a gunshot to his thigh. 

 Unmindful of his injury, the officer, displaying conspicuous bravery, killed another terrorist charging at him.  In the process, Harshan received gunshot wound on hisneck.Despite being grievously injured, the officer lobbed a grenade and continued engaging the terrorists, injuring another one before succumbing to his injuries. 

Capt Harshan has displayed rarest of rare courage in eliminating four terrorists including two top leaders. For his selfless act and gallantry, Capt Harshan R was awarded ASHOKA CHAKRA (Posthumously)

 Hav Bahadur Singh Bohra was the squad commander of A Assault Team tasked for search operations in snowbound, inhospitable mountainous terrain in General Area Lawanz at an altitude of 14000 feet.

  On 25 September 2008, at 1815 hours he observed a group of terrorists. He stealthily approached to intercept the terrorists. Greatly outnumbered and sensing grave danger to his comrades, Hav Bahadur Singh Bohra drew extremely heavy automatic fire onto himself. He charged and killed one terrorist. 

 In the intense fire, he suffered gun shot wounds to the left shoulder but unmindful of his physical condition, encouraging and directing his comrades, he pressed on with the assault and killed the second terrorist at extreme close range.

  Refusing evacuation, instructing his comrades to cover his move, he lobbed a grenade and in the last act of supreme valor charged and killed one more terrorist in hand to hand combat before succumbing to his injuries. Inspired by his supreme sacrifice his comrades killed ten more terrorists.

    For his inspiring leadership, conspicuous bravery, selflessness and supreme sacrifice for the nation beyond the call of duty Hav Bahadur SinghBohra was awarded ASHOK CHAKRA

  • HAV GAJENDRA SINGH ,AC (POSTHUMOUS) O28 Nov 2008, while part of operation ‘Black Tornado’ of NSG HavGajendra Singh was leading Squad Commander who slithered down from helicopter from Nariman House. After clearing top floor, he reached the fourth floor of the building, where the terrorists had taken position.  As he closed in on the terrorists, they hurled a grenade, injuring him.

 Undeterred, he kept firing and closing in with the terrorists displaying utmost valor. Unmindful of his injury, Havildar Gajendra with utmost disregard to personal safety, crawled up to the door from where the terrorists were firing on own troops and charged inside firing, thus exposing himself to fire. In the act, he injured one of the terrorist and forced them to retreat inside the room, thus fixing their position.

 Displaying indomitable spirit, he kept on firing at the terrorists in spite of being wounded till he succumbed to his injuries. This gallant act of the Commando provided the crucial breakthrough to his team for early neutralisation of terrorists. 

 We, salute this exemplary act of Gajendra Singh who made supreme sacrifice in Nariman house crisis, exhibiting his conspicuous bravery and ultimate devotion to duty in the highest tradition of Indian Army, and which will keep motivating and inspiring each one of us, to perform selflessly in any such National Crisis Situation.  

 For his inspiring leadership, conspicuous bravery, selflessness and supreme sacrifice for the nation beyond the call of duty Hav Gajendra Singh was awarded ‘ASHOK CHAKRA’ (Posthumously).
    IC-59066N Major Mohit Sharma, SM was leading Bravo Assault Team in operations in Kupwara District of North Kashmir.  A valiant warrior, he excelled in the art of fighting guerrillas in jungle terrain having earlier spent four years in Jammu & Kashmir. 

    On 21 March 2009, after receiving information of presence of some infiltrating terrorists in dense Haphruda Forest, he planned meticulously and led his commandos in tracking them. 

     On observing suspicious movement, he alerted his scouts but terrorists fired from three directions indiscriminately.  In the heavy exchange of fire, four commandos were wounded immediately. With complete disregard to his safety, he crawled and recovered two soldiers to safety.

     Unmindful of the overwhelming fire, he threw grenades and killed two terrorists but was shot in the chest. In the brief respite that followed, he kept directing his commandos, inspite of serious injuries.

     Sensing further danger to his comrades, he charged in a daring close quarter combat killing two more terrorists and attained martyrdom fighting for his motherland in the finest traditions of Indian Army.
                For this act of conspicuous gallantry, inspiring leadership and exceptional courage far beyond call of duty, Major Mohit Sharma, SM was awarded 'Ashok Chakra' (Posthumous) on 15 Aug 09.


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