"Actually, do more professional degrees and certificates imply best talent" Any inputs ?

The above question was posted on one of the forums I am member of, by a recruitment consultant and below what you see is my reply to that question...

"This is the problem with this country. The fate of persons like me (I am also a forced Engineer) get decided on the "Suhaag Raat" of the parents itself. Ladka hua to "Engineer", Ladki hui to "Doctor". 
 Thats why lakhs of people work like slaves for Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Persistent and numerous others and dont even dare to try or Start on their own.
 This social concept that professional degrees are the only way of sure-shot way to a good life, is producing only slaves.
 We do not encourage people to follow their path, experiment, endeavor, try and fail.
 Oh, did I mention "Fail".
 In India You cant even dream of failing because society will finish and murder you the same moment. And since "Failing"is such a morbid word in this society, people want their wards to gather professional degrees, work like slaves...
 Coming back to the point of discussion...
 In my short career of slavery of 10 years, I have observed that there are good people and bad people everywhere, including the hallowed halls of IIT/IIM ( I have seen some absolutely lousy ones)and an obscure degree college of Virar (One guy I hired a salesman at 3.5K/month salary in 2004 is now Regional Manager with Maxx Mobile).

You have to be very un-prejudiced while hiring and look for a person's aptitude and attitude also apart from the degrees..."


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