Dead on Arrival: The naysayers will always announce you, lekin unki Maa ki aankh!!!

For past couple of days or so I have been following a novel StartUP called Path.

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The company has been started by former Facebook engineers and takes the entire social experience in the reverse and revolutionary direction.

Social means you being connected to more and more(Facebook limit is 5000 friends), and the guys at Path have limited your network to 50.

What they believe is that you are closest to no more than 50 people on your social network(including your near-and-dear ones),and I firmly believe is that this is true.

In fact they have given a scientific hypothesis also (apparently there is a theory behind this), but from the moment Path has been launched, the naysayers have started proclaiming it as "Dead on Arrival", including some guys from very reputed onlimne tech journals and publications.

So they are talking about how it is available only for iPhone, how you cant upload photos from your camera, why you would share very private pics with 50 people, and why the pics you want to share you wont do at FB, Flickr and other places.

The naysayers are ridiculing that after being in stealth mode for more than a year and after spending a lot of money on a big team of engineers, this is what they have produced.

I want to ask these guys, that if you are so knowledgeable about what is being right and what is wrong, about what will work and what will not, then why you sitting idle like a duck and make a living out of just commenting, why not take your but off the chair and do, make something of your own.

I mean with this "know it all" aura around your head, you would may be develop something better than Facebook or Google, let alone Path.

These naysayers who believe that they are this tech world's opinion builder, are worth not more than a dime themselves, coz if they would have been, they would have themselves build something better and bigger.

The product has been just released, let the guys use it,give the team a chance to rectify any bug, let them modify the product, give them sometime, rather than announcing the burial right after the death.

I guess these naysayers are more pissed off the fact that Path was under the stealth mode for more than a year and refused to divulge the details.

But to founders of Path and all the other of my brethren who belong to this tribe called Entrepreneurs, we risked it all to build something, lets not get knocked down by what these dumb naysayers have to say, who know nothing about what dreams are, what is pain and sacrifice and what slogging away on lonely nights mean...

Lets keep on working our dreams, take constructive feedback, modify the models by iteration and see that customer likes the product...

And for all these naysayers, what we say in hindi :Teri maa ki aankh!!!


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