Competition can do crazy things to you: Might even turn you into a geek after 10 years of graduating from Engg School

Life is pretty strange, and like Forrest said "You never know, what you're gonna get".

I so detested even the name of Engg School, post my High School exam as I never wanted to be an Engineer. But due to a string of bad luck, I landed there eventually, inspite of my best attempts to fail in the exam.

I was not a very bad student either during the Engg course with over 70% marks, but the moment I moved out of college, I promised myself that this was going to be my last brush even remotely, with Engineering.

10 Years hence, I have been proved utterly wrong by nobody else but by myself...

And to blame it all, I can fairly blame the competition for that...

Well, what happened that a couple of days back I was checking out one of the "would be competitor", a US based funded StartUP with some of the smart brains on planet, doing somewhat similar to what we are trying to do at PriceSticker.

Though the thoughts were similar but our model is diagonally opposite to what they are doing...

They were already up and running with some revenues and rave reviews from top Tech journals like TechCrunch, and some cool technology deployed.

Well, I grew paranoid and was numb for sometime. What if they move out of US and may somehow get to do what we are trying to achieve.

I immediately started gathering more info on them, what they do, how they do and other stuff and was up the whole night almost and then I stumbled on the fact that their crucial back-end was deployed on a programming language called Python.

Ok, I liked the the way they were doing the things and so I resolved that only way to beat them was to learn some of that Programming language. Though you cant beat geeks like them with Comp Sci degrees from Stanford and MIT.

But then, sometimes being paranoid can do you good and I immediately got down to learning the stuff about Python.

And yesterday was my first "Hackathon" night with Python, with help of some online help and boy I love Python, its Uber Cool!!! C and JAVA look like crap in front of Python.

If not Python would have been a very high level object oriented language, may be I would have not been able to start, after all 10 years is a very very long time and you can get rusted and mossed.

Now I can relate to the expression that "Only the paranoid survives..."

Man I was scared for almost half of that night...

So here I am, after whole life detesting being an Engineer, here I am coding away whole night...Its crazy...It's unbelievable...

Abhishek Rai and a Coder???

But Life is strange and queer and competition can make you do drastic things and I dont know whether I will survive or not...but now I truly understand that "Only the paranoid survives..."

And what am gonna do on a Saturday night tonight, you guessed it right coding away in Python and studying some fundamentals of Computer Science and Electrical Engg...And am lovin it...


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