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Back to the ranking game...

I am back to the ranking game again, after almost a18 years or so.

I was reasonably good till my Standard Xth, and at that moment the fight was not for among Top 5, or Top 3; it was only about the first place. Below that it was kinda consolation till 3rd place, beyond 3rd and till 5th, it was awful and beyond 5th, it means nobody is bothered about you, which included teachers and the classmates…

Beyond 5th rank, you are out of the ranking game and nobody will track you even, till 5th place, even the Top 3 guys would sometime bother to ask you that how much did you get in the particular exam, as you are still a threat to them and may bounce back if you are working hard enough.

That’s it in those days, it was all about working hard, this part is true even after 18 years but along with that it also matters whether you are working smart too…

After Standard 10th I slipped between 7th to 10th place and went out of ranking and any reckoning and it so happened that because of a Domino effect, I m…

Dead on Arrival: The naysayers will always announce you, lekin unki Maa ki aankh!!!

For past couple of days or so I have been following a novel StartUP called Path.

For more information you can visit

The company has been started by former Facebook engineers and takes the entire social experience in the reverse and revolutionary direction.

Social means you being connected to more and more(Facebook limit is 5000 friends), and the guys at Path have limited your network to 50.

What they believe is that you are closest to no more than 50 people on your social network(including your near-and-dear ones),and I firmly believe is that this is true.

In fact they have given a scientific hypothesis also (apparently there is a theory behind this), but from the moment Path has been launched, the naysayers have started proclaiming it as "Dead on Arrival", including some guys from very reputed onlimne tech journals and publications.

So they are talking about how it is available only for iPhone, how you cant upload photos from your camera, why you would share very pri…

"Retail Is War Without Blood": What Foot Locker's CEO Learned in the Army- HBR

Ken Hicks, the CEO of Foot Locker, formerly the president and chief merchandising officer of J.C. Penney's, graduated from the United States Military Academy and spent six years in the army just after the Vietnam War.

HBR talked to Ken about how his time as a young officer prepared him for a career as a retail executive.

Tell me about a couple of things you learned from your military experience that have made you a more effective CEO.

When I took over my artillery battery, at age 25, I could shoot a cannon better than any of my section chiefs. And I had six guns. The only problem is, I could only shoot one gun at a time.

I realized that what I had to do was train my section chiefs to be better cannoneers than I was. Because shooting 18% of the battery isn't going to be effective. And my job really wasn't to shoot a cannon, it was to develop an entire artillery battery.

So I learned that you're very dependent on your people to be their best. You train and develop and motivat…

"Social" is boring, future is "Socal"...

I went to watch the movie "The Social Network" today. Well everyone was there because it has been advertised as the movie on Facebook, and obviously people want to know how a USD $40 Billion company was invented...

But if you have read and researched a bit about FB and Mark, the movie would seem boring to you, basically because it is more of a chronology rather than any dramatization. It could not be dramatized as they wanted the elusive Facebook movie tag.

6 years back, Social was a cool thing ( to majority of the people it still is and thats why FB has 500 million people registered), but how cool it is and for how many years it can remain cool...

Mark, if you think that "Social" is cool (you are already giving to many sleepless nights to Page and Brin),explain the traffic drop of FB on weekends.

I mean if "Social" is so cool, it has to be relevant and cool on weekends too, why all of a sudden it loses that...I mean why people all of a sudden become so priva…

Competition can do crazy things to you: Might even turn you into a geek after 10 years of graduating from Engg School

Life is pretty strange, and like Forrest said "You never know, what you're gonna get".

I so detested even the name of Engg School, post my High School exam as I never wanted to be an Engineer. But due to a string of bad luck, I landed there eventually, inspite of my best attempts to fail in the exam.

I was not a very bad student either during the Engg course with over 70% marks, but the moment I moved out of college, I promised myself that this was going to be my last brush even remotely, with Engineering.

10 Years hence, I have been proved utterly wrong by nobody else but by myself...

And to blame it all, I can fairly blame the competition for that...

Well, what happened that a couple of days back I was checking out one of the "would be competitor", a US based funded StartUP with some of the smart brains on planet, doing somewhat similar to what we are trying to do at PriceSticker.

Though the thoughts were similar but our model is diagonally opposite to what they a…

And I blame it all on Shekhar Kapur...

I took the hardest and most toughest and craziest decision of my life on 5th of July 2010. And that decision was to quit my job in which I was doing reasonably well and was through the MDP (Management Development Proccess)for promotion to next grade after 2 years of hard-work.

It was crazy, but I wanted to give it a shot to my dreams.

And after a couple of days it almost dawned on me that I might be the most foolish person on this planet to do this hara-kiri, but then that wasa not new to my nature.

It hits you the hardest when you suddenly find yourself alone, as alone as Tom Hanks was in the movie "The Castaway" and it took me a lot of time, a lot of precious time to cope with that...And move one...

When I now look back now,I dont have any regrets now...

A few days back while filling up an exhaustive application form for a mentoring and incubation program, I was asked "Why you want to become an entrepreneur?"...

My reply was straight- "Some guys are not meant to …

You Gotta be... by DesRee...

Listen as your day unfolds
Challenge what the future holds
Try and keep your head up to the sky
Lovers, they may cause you tears
Go ahead release your fears
Stand up and be counted Don't be ashamed to cry

You gotta be You gotta be bad,
you gotta be bold You gotta be wiser,
you gotta be hard You gotta be tough,
you gotta be stronger You gotta be cool,
you gotta be calm You gotta stay together

All I know, all I know, love will save the day
Herald what your mother said
Readin' the books your father read
Try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time
Some may have more cash than you
Others take a different view
My oh my heh, hey

You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
You gotta stay together All I know, all I know, love will save the day

Don't ask no questions, it goes on without you
Leaving you behind if you can't stand the pace
The world keeps on spinning
You can&…