Benefits of Walking (Not in the order of importance)...

1. You have a chance to walk like an egyptian, if you can afford to do that.

2. Some of the great thoughts come when you are walking alone.

3. Music sounds much better when you are walking rather than when you are in a Pub.

4.The gorgeous girls have no option but to glance at you,at least once when you are coming from opposite direction. So eventually, every dog can have its day.

5. You can just manage to give inferiority complex to some of the guys zipping past in expensive machines, even though you are penniless and jobless.

6.With a slight swaggered walk, you can very well pretend that last night you and Larry discussed the future of Google and Larry actually submitted to you.

7.If you are walking post dinner, then some of the amazing views of Moon you can witness, which otherwise in a city like Mumbai to happen will take years.

8.If somehow you are depressed about yesterday, you see somebody kinda bulky walking past, you can have the consolation that at least all is not unwell.

9. Rush of adrenaline and boost of confidence incomparable, when somebody else's wife is trying to fathom, with her looks, whether you are married or single.

10. You are cursing at yourself and people passing by will think that big boss is angry at one of his employees, raises your quotient.

11. Vehicles zipping past help clearing a lot of air in your head too.

12. You actually save a lot of money by not going to Gym.

13. One tangible progress which you can track on a daily basis is whether you are walking faster or slower than yesterday, otherwise mostly it hits you when you are almost screwed.

14. You see a gorgeous woman taking her dog to walk, and you get utterly depressed as you have been proved wrong again. Your life is not a dog's life which you used to think, its actually worser.

15.And sometimes you just might feel to run like Forrest...and never walk again.


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