A billion eye-balls :The clear and present opportunity...

Wherever you go , you would notice that out of 10 people at least 8 are engaged on their mobile phones and out of that at least 7 are staring at the mobile phone screens.

That’s the “clear and present opportunity”, a billion eye-balls to start with.
Advent of non-voice/non-sms mobile telephony has been limping in India due to the connectivity issues.

So we don’t see too much of action in this space except that everyone is vying to have an Apps Store of their name. But for the fact is that still to download those apps, you need to have a faster and consistent download speed.

With the launch of 3G and mobile broad-band ,the things are going to change soon and this shall launch the next set of revolution and the best part is that the hardware is already cheap, with a 3G mobile phones in the range of 3-4K rupees.

While Social Networking has really caught up on mobile-phones, it in no way “eases your life”, but it so tremendously has helped as a catalyst for the things to come…

The advent of 3G and mobile/wifi broadband will be the enablers which have the power to “ease your life” as so many applications and services could be launched because of higher download speeds and ease of access to the common man.

Mobile Commerce/ shopping, Location based services, Mobile marketing are the limit less opportunities which are staring into the eyes as “clear and present opportunity”.

This is going to be the “Mobile 2.0” for the country of India at least.

In Indian mobile telephony market, the next revolution will not come from the handsets manufacturers (competition will only get more intense and tough), not the operators (they will continue to bleed) as they are only technology enablers and they have not geared up to provide the service to the consumer which “eases their life”.

The next revolution will come from a slew of companies which grab this “clear and present opportunity” of Mobile 2.0.

There are a thousand of opportunities waiting to be just tapped by these companies and the handset OEMs and Operators will toe their line as if they don’t then somebody else from their community will grab the opportunity and others will continue to bleed.

Unlike the Mobile 1.0 which started to happen about 7 years (and I have been part of that exciting journey)from hence, the consumer has become quite savvy and you need not educate them, in the hinterlands even the farmers are using GPRS etc…And that’s the biggest advantage of Mobile 2.0.

And the best part for the companies which will engage in this space is that Mobile2.0will be “Asset light and partner heavy”, the biggest advantage for an investor who looks to invest in this space.

Also Mobile2.0 will be much more successful if it is utilized as a cloud of texts-symbols-pictures with the interaction with other sub-states at each level. If you are able to bingo on it, you are home.

PriceSticker Corporation will be one of those companies who will be the part of Mobile 2.0


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