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Bikhri bikhri si zulfein hain kyun? An amazing song from the movie "What's your Rashee"

Bikhri bikhri si zulfein hai kyu?Khoyi khoyi si aankhein hai kyu?Gum ka yeh pal guzar jaayega,Phir koi humsafar aayega...
Heyy heyy…heyyy…ta ra ra re..Haa..haan..yeahhh….aaaa…Naaa hooo..naa huuuu…aaaa…
Beete pal bhool jaa,Wo pal nahi hai kahin,Laayenge pal naye,Ek zindagi fir haseen,Yeh bheegi palkein utha,Yeh soch ke muskura,Laayega fir samay koi zamana aisa yahan,Phir chalegi hawa manchali,Phir se mehkegi koi kali,Phir koi humsafar aayega,Dil koi geet phir gaayega…
Heyy heyy…heyyy…ta ra ra re..
Raat lambi sahi,Phir bhi yeh ek raat hai,Subah ho jaayegi,Sau baton ki baat hai,Phir jaagegi yeh fizaa,Phir dil ka ek raasta,Le jaayega wahin tujhe,Teri tay manzil jahan,Sach to yeh hai ki hona hai yu,To in aankhoin mein aansoo hai kyu?Gum naa kar tu jo murjha gaye,Phool khil jaayenge phir naye…
Heyy heyy…heyyy…ta ra ra re..

Why Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal is afraid?

It was surprising to read a couple of days back, the statement of Mr. Manoj Kohli, CEO of Bharti Airtel, that government should look into the predatory pricing being offered by some of the new operators.
A pan-india operator having the largest customer base (remember the outdoor horadings, boasting 110 million subs), is afraid of the rookies???

And afraid of what, losing customers?

Guess this is the truth.
And they are afraid because they are not confident of their service levels, and deep inside they know it.
This is going to be double whammy for Mr.Sunil Mittal and company. While there are new operators coming day-by-day, DoT has announced that number portability will be active from Jan 2010 in India, and hence anybody can show Mr. Mittal a thumbs-down and switch to competitior at just Rs.18.

But lets come to the fact that what is the cause of worry?
The cause of worry is the current service levels offered by Bharti to its customers and the pain that millions of its customers go through e…

An awe-inspiring read from the Stanford GSB web-site. The Admission Criteria for MBA program.This is it!!!

Admission Criteria
What Are We Really Looking for?
We're looking for outstanding individuals, and the very qualities that define you make the GSB a stimulating place to learn.
We Evaluate All Applicants In Three Areas
Intellectual Vitality
One of the ideas or themes that is central in our minds as we evaluate an application is your intellectual vitality.
You can demonstrate this in many ways, not simply through grades and test scores. In other words, your attitude toward learning is as important as your aptitude.
Because the Stanford community believes in the power of ideas to shape the future, we want to see your passion, dedication, and genuine interest in expanding your intellectual horizons throughout your application.
We look for evidence of the kind of curiosity and passion that will allow you to spark a lively discussion in class and continue that conversation during coffee with a faculty member, walking back to the Schwab Residential Center with a classmate, or over dinner wit…