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What the heck "Marathi Manoos": Raj Thackeray only exploits you

Whenever I read one of the self-proclaiming "Marathi Manoos Jindabad" type statements of Raj Thackeray, I have a hearty laugh at entire Bombay and on the fact that all of us are bloody eunuchs (Hijras), who listen to it and then get scared and one goonda terrorises all of us perpetually.

And I laugh more at the poor 'Marathi Manoos" who are the biggest bunch of fools on planet earth, who get fooled everytime by goondas only, be it Raj or Uddhav or Balasaheb. Trust me the addressed 'Marathi Manoos" is the biggest bunch of fools, perfectly exploited by a couple of goons.

1. Both Raj and Uddhav Thackeray go blind when thousands of farmers commit suicide in Vidharbha ,the every year phemomena, are not they Marathi?? What they have done for them, so that it does not become repeatitive phenomena. Absolutely nothing. They are poor, they dont have the money, why to champion their cause. What the heck......"Marathi Manoos".

2. Their children study in convent …

Gillette :You are doing it wrong baby- A honest feedback

"The best a man can get"??
Well yes, I believed and still do so.

But what happens when the company itself is willing to destroy its image......Soooocaaaaaiiiiiiddd

A few days back I visited one of the malls as a routine reccee and decided to buy a few essentials for the month. My After-shave lotion was going to over soon and it was high on my agenda. Walking through the section in the hypermart of Personal hygiene, I noticed an attractive combo pack from Gillette of Mach 3; offering an After-shave lotion, a razor and a new blade at a very attractive pricing.

Since, my red razor of Mach 3 was now about a couple of years old, I decided to buy the pack as it was quite attractively priced (though I ended up paying quite more than the lotion itself).

But obviously the promo-pack was launched for the first-time buyers to entice them to use the product. Now here the twist lies for the company that promises "The best a man can get".

Well, to have a different experience with my n…

Per Second Billing :Indian consumers still getting fooled by Telcos

When Tata DOCOMO launched its 'Per second billing" tariff plans it was considered to be one of the tariff plans which is going to be next revolution in the indian telecom industry.

Well, Tata Indicom changed the rules of the industry some 4 years back by launching '2 year incoming free" (the author was an active part of that) on pre-paid plans, which forced all the others to launch the 'Life-time free" tariffs.
People thought that 'Life-time free" tariff were a revolution for the consumer and ultimately the "Consumer has become king".

The TELCOS played very smart, with the "Life-time free" tariff plan, they gave so many riders that consumers gained very little.
Ultimately everyone offering the same offer, the barriers were dropped.

With the "Per second billing" tariffs, the Telcos are again taking the consumers for ride and everyone is hailing it a revolution.

This is no gyan and it is coming from straight horse's mouth-;

How to clean a Glow -Sign-Board :What they don't teach you at MIT- Boston.

Yesterday, I went to field-visit after quite an interval, with one of my colleagues to a far-distant place store, which was not doing well off-late.
It was completely an impromptu visit and obviously the store-staff was not involved.
As soon as we got down, the first thing which striked was the state of the Glow-sign-board. It was all dirty with some paint marks on it and was looking quite disgusting.
There was not a single reason why that GSB shall attract a single customer.
So myself and my colleague decided to get the act straight (there was no need to roll-up the sleeves as both of us were wearing half-shirts;being a Saturday).
So tables and stools were arranged and the GSB was ready to be cleaned.
1. The store guy first cleaned the GSB with cloth piece and wiped of all the dust.
2. We got couple of bottles of 'Paint-thinner" to dissolve the stains of the paints which were there on the GSB. In a couple of minutes all the marks of the "Holi Celebrations" was gone from t…

Aaj kal Zindagi.....(And its telling me too....)

Aaj kal zindagiMujhse hai keh rahi
Tu jo meri maane toh chal deewane
Sapnon ki rahoon mein tu
Saari khusboon ko
Saari roshni ko le le in bahoon mein tu

Ab hai tu jahaan
Din raat saare naye hai
Arzoo jawaan
Jazbaat saare naye hai
Naye rastein hai tere vaaste
Toh rahe kyun panahoon mein tu

Ohhoo tere liye
Nayi hai zameen naya aasmaan
Likh de hawaaon mein koi nayi dastaan..
Tere liyeNayi hai zameen naya aasmaan
Likh de hawaaon mein koi nayi dastaan..

Zindagi ne (zindagi ne)
Dastak di toh (dastak di toh)
Dil ki sab khidkiyaan… khul gayi
Haan khul gayi

Hotoon pe jo (hotoon pe jo)
Jami thi woh (jami thi woh)
Saari khamoshiyaan ghul gayi
Haan ghul gayi

Kitne lamhoon ne
Mujhko ho jaise hairaan kiya
Kitni batoon ne
Dil ko aake hai chuu liya

Chahatein kayi
Hai dil mein ab jagmagaye
Rahatein kayi
Hai mujhse kehne ko aayi
Pehchaan saari muskaane
Saari bhar le nigaahon mein tu

Ohhoo tere liyeNayi hai zameen naya aasmaan
Likh de hawaaon mein koi nayi dastaan..
Tere liyeNayi hai zameen naya aasmaan
Likh de hawaaon mein koi nayi dastaan…


The questions which are hammering my mind now...
When 'Price Sticker" will become a reality???
Why am not breaking away???
Am I not confident of my own plans???
Why dont I just give it a shot???
What is there to lose???
And if there is nothing to lose, then why am still acting like a buffoon and wasting time???
And even if all would be lost, then it wont be the end of this world either, isnt it???
Then why is there fear, if it is there and fear of what???
Why not just cut the umbilical cord and sway away free???
One life is all you got chap, isnt it???
All dreams deserve a shot, why you holding them from their due???