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Its all in the blood of Mr."Tweet-thoor" folks....

I was surprised at the so much of ho-hallahraised all across the board on the tweet comment of Mr.ShashiTharoor.
I mean it was something which was there in the blood of Mr.Tharoor for years.
And there were so many people displaying complete ignorance at this history of Mr."Tweet-thoor", went all out to support him all acorss the media, as if they have been championing some social cause.

My dear friends, Mr. Tharoor has been the part of the largest bureaucratic organisation of the world, ie the UN and was once even tipped for the big job of Secretary General.
What else do you expect from a person who for the best part of his life has been a stiff collar bureacrat, austerity???
Ha ha ha ha....Often I have a hearty laugh at all those people.

Once Kofi Annan commented that out of the 1 dollar budget of UN, 95 cents is spent on administration of UN itself and only remaining 5 cents are spent on actual development work.
People like stiff-collared 'Tweet-thoor" confirm this schoo…